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Team building? Professional development? Leadership retreat? Organizational development and strategy?
Innovation Labs at The Dalí combines Dalí’s art, philosophy and methods with state-of-the-art research on creativity, creative problem solving and organizational management to offer one-of-a-kind programs that jump start creativity and improve innovation outcomes. Our unique, customizable programs will help you rethink professional development, training and team building as you learn to see and solve problems differently. The Innovation Labs offers both digital and in-person workshops to meet the needs of all clients.

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Foundation Labs

The Art of Innovation

Foundation Labs are three-hour interactive gallery experiences designed to provide a curated view of Dalí’s work while sharing some of his unique ingredients for innovation to jump-start your own creativity. Focuses of these experiences include how to harness the power of perception to alter your reality and the importance of reinvention for achieving and sustaining real innovation.

Skills Labs

Dalí U

Skills Labs are our proprietary creativity and innovation classes, which focus on problem solving, communication and team building. Specifically, Skills Labs train the specific techniques, and provide the learnable mindsets, of creative thinking and problem solving to drive organizational innovation and enhance the creative powers and efficacy of teams and individuals. These labs are offered for private groups and as open enrollment.

Solution Labs

Surreal Approaches to Real Problems

Solution Labs are Dalí-inspired, creativity-driven workshop experiences in service of addressing a specific goal, wish or challenge. Following a pre-session exploration to pinpoint your challenges and goals, we design and facilitate customized labs driven by creative problem solving processes to resolve your specific issue. We facilitate mission and vision development, organizational change, ideation and concept development.

lunch and learn labs

Lunch and Learn Labs are 60- to 90-minute interactive workshops that take place at your venue and are designed as a taster for how to see and solve problems differently. Available topics for these experiences include an introduction to LEGO®️ Serious Play®️, better brainstorming and how to boost creativity.

Women’s Empowerment Programs

Women’s Empowerment Programs are custom-designed workshops for the clients, staff and leadership of nonprofits, funded by civic-minded sponsors who believe in supporting educational, economic and creative development in our local community.

The Dalí Museum, a 3-star Michelin attraction, is a uniquely inspiring setting in a sunny, waterfront location in the heart of the bustling St. Petersburg downtown. Attendees have access to an unparalleled collection of renowned artist Salvador Dalí’s works, Dalí-inspired exercises, delicious Spanish fare provided by our in-house cafe, and our beautiful Avant-garden overlooking Tampa Bay.

Are programs customizable?

While all programs are customized, they have different levels of customizability—from choices among a selection of pre-existing modules to customized gallery experiences to a fully bespoke workshop.

How long are the programs?

Innovation Labs programs vary in length from 3 hours to multiple days, depending on the client’s learning and organizational objectives. While all of our programs are customizable, standard formats include the following:
o Foundation Labs are three-hour gallery experiences
o Skills Labs come in half-day, full-day, and multiple day formats

Do we need to come to the Museum, or will you come to us?

Our space is one of the unique offerings of this program; in fact we’re the only 3-star Michelin cultural attraction in the entire Southeastern United States. We also understand that it’s not always possible to get a large group out of the office. As a result, we’ll gladly come to you. When doing an offsite (at your site) workshop, there are some additional steps we take to ensure the program runs smoothly including checking on AV/projection/sound capabilities, wall space, permission to move furniture and temporarily apply things to walls, etc.

Who leads the sessions?

Sessions are led by our Innovation Labs team, which comprises experts with deep backgrounds in creativity, innovation, education and art. Learn more.

Are sessions lecture-based?

While some of our experiences are gallery-based and others are classroom-based, all of them favor an interactive, hands-on learning approach, with a special focus on collaboration and team building as well as a variety of learning activities.

Can Skills Labs fit into existing educational programs?

Yes, courses are designed to be modular so that they can be woven into an organization’s existing talent and organizational development programs.

How many people can I bring?

At The Dalí venue, we can accommodate groups from 5 to 100. However, each client’s learning objectives and choice of programming will determine the optimum group size, so the best route is to contact us to discuss. In addition, larger groups can be accommodated offsite and/or through collaboration with nearby partner venues.

We are coming in from out of town, can you help us find accommodations & activities?

Absolutely. We have strong partnerships with local hotels and restaurants, as well as the Convention & Visitors Bureau and a network of Destination Management Companies who specialize in activities in the area.

Can we make art, too?

Definitely. We believe that a hands-on, prototyping mentality can be an extremely useful approach. For example, we incorporate LEGO® Serious Play® methodology; in fact, we are the only certified museum in the United States to offer this coveted service. We lean on a strong team of in-house and in-community artists and co-creators to design experiences that delight the senses and challenge participants to create in a variety of media.

Will you help us brainstorm?

Traditionally we are hired for our expertise as creativity researchers and facilitators of creative process – a role which prohibits us from contributing ideas to a company challenge. At the same time, we’re proud of our years of experience working with some of the best ideators and subject matter experts in the world, so if you’ve got a challenge and you’d like to tap into our creativity-on-demand capabilities, we’d certainly consider supporting your session goal as “trained brains.”

Can I sign up as an individual, or do I have to have a group?

We offer open enrollment courses at least once a quarter for those interested in pursuing creativity and innovation training on their own. To be the first to receive registration information about these courses, please fill out the inquiry form and indicate your interest in open enrollment courses.

Do you provide catering?

We are in the fortunate position to offer the catering services of our onsite restaurant partner, Café Gala. We offer celebrated Spanish fare as well as an opportunity to customize the menu to your preferred specifications.

What is the cost?

The cost of a Lab is dependent upon many factors, including group size, duration, design time and materials, and venue (space needs). After an initial 15-minute phone call to learn about your group and what you’re trying to accomplish in your session, we can send you a proposal complete with pricing information and draft agenda.

Do you offer discounts?

Not-for-profit groups, educational institutions and military/government agencies may qualify for a discounted rate.