The Dali's Innovation Labs, team walks through Avant-garden

Foundation Labs

Foundation Labs: The Art of Innovation

“I immediately started to utilize some of the techniques.” Read what other participants have to say.

Foundation Labs are three-hour interactive gallery experiences designed to provide a curated view of Dalí’s work while sharing some of his unique ingredients for innovation to jump-start your own creativity. Focuses of these experiences include how to harness the power of perception to alter your reality and the importance of reinvention for achieving and sustaining real innovation.

You‘ll leave with:

  • A unique team building experience
  • An understanding of how Dali’s works, processes and ideas can ignite creative processes
  • New tools and techniques for creative thinking and problem solving
  • An orientation to The Dalí and curated gallery experience of this highly creative artist

There are two themed options for this experience:

The Art of Perception: Perspective & Possibility
What we can achieve in an organization is often limited by what we can see, which, in turn, is limited by both our vantage point and which lenses we are looking through. In this gallery experience, learn how Dali’s focus on manipulating perception illuminates our concepts of the possible and the impossible and changes our perspectives of the world around us. Discover how Dali’s works, processes and ideas can give us new tools and techniques for understanding the creative process and allowing us to see problems and solutions differently.

The Power of Innovation: Revolution & Renaissance
To remain successful, innovative companies and thinkers have to engage in a constant process of development—reinventing processes, products and services. In this gallery experience, follow Dali’s journey of artistic reinvention and learn how his experiences relate to the creative process and provide a template for reinvention activity. Discover how Dali’s works, processes and ideas can help us ignite our own creative powers and experience the power of doing things differently to achieve new and better results.

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