Innovation Labs Participants Say…

About Foundation Labs:

I loved looking at my own creativity through art and opening my imagination.

Dalí and his work represent the very essence of freedom of expression. His paintings personify “thinking outside the box” and “looking at life through a different lens”. The Dalí Museum’s impressive architecture and setting also uniquely impacts the workshop. From the moment you set foot on the grounds, wander through the maze and stand under the Wishing Tree, you begin to believe in possibilities instead of problems. Entering the museum with its grand staircase and massive ceiling heights is like walking into a vast world where creativity never ends.

This workshop really made me slow down when facing a problem. I immediately started to utilize some of the techniques.

The content was fantastic. It allowed the group to think differently and apply to work and life.

Very impressed by the different ways of looking at things and activities that did a great job of incorporating our values in a unique workshop.

About Skills Labs:

I gained insight into my problem solving style. I learned ways to use my preferences to my advantage.

I was wowed by seeing that the way I approach problems is not random but tied to my preferences. This will help me be aware of my behaviors and be kinder to myself and to be aware that I work with people with other preferences.

From the moment you set foot in the Museum… you begin to believe in possibilities instead of problems. It’s like walking into a vast world where creativity never ends.

As we have said to everyone and anyone who would listen, the Innovation Labs experience at the Dalí  was transformative… While there may be other organizations and companies doing this type of workshop, the Dalí’s Innovation Labs is unique in both its setting and its facilitators.“…the Innovation Labs experience at the Dalí was transformative.”

I found four  immediately applicable creative practices for my business. From Napoleonic goals and re-framing challenges, to using the painter’s calendar and seeing business models in a three-dimensional space, their session was a great addition to my business’ thinking toolbox.

The highlight and finale was to tour the Museum and select some of our favorite pieces, study the paintings and see if we were able to move past the obvious and find hidden messages… after all, it’s all ART. The power of perception!

It helped me open up and see what my main focus really was, which sometimes gets lost with all my running thoughts. It opened up my mind and provided clarity.

About Solution Labs:

It was one of the most beneficial experiences I’ve had as a supervisor & director.

I am looking forward to digging deeper with our leadership team to improve where we need to improve and how we can ensure we keep doing what we do well.

I like having an additional instrument in my toolkit.

Great, useful information that will translate effectively to my personal as well as professional side.

I am looking forward to building on the day’s effort so we can become a great place to work, in addition to an incredible place to receive meaningful services. Can’t say thank you enough for the gift of time and expertise you and the Dalí have given us!