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Women’s Empowerment Programs

Women’s Empowerment Programs
As part of fulfilling our mission to provide unique inspiration for programs and to serve as an active community resource, The Dalí utilizes the resources of our Innovation Labs to offer workshops, such as Women’s Empowerment Programs, which are funded by civic-minded sponsors who believe in supporting educational, economic and creative development in our local community.

What is it?
The Women’s Empowerment Program is a series of workshops specifically designed to work with nonprofit organizations serving women. The sessions are customized for each nonprofit and its clients, staff and/or board members.

How does it work?
Our facilitators work with organization leaders to determine appropriate custom content for each program, establishing scope, flow and deliverables that can enhance creative thinking and problem solving, and ideas for how to apply these skills to individual challenges. We draw insight from the most prominent and research-validated, creative thinking methods from around the world and apply a set of highly specialized, proprietary, Dalí-inspired techniques to topics.

Who attends?
Programs can be designed and conducted for clients, staff members and board members, benefiting the organization’s total scope, from its constituents to its front-line service providers to its governing body.

For more information about scheduling a Women’s Empowerment Program, or to learn how you can help sponsor this important community initiative, please submit an inquiry form.
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