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Skills Labs

Skills Labs: Dalí U

“It opened up my mind and provided clarity.” Read what other participants have to say.

Skills Labs are our proprietary creativity and innovation classes, which focus on problem solving, communication and team building. Specifically, Skills Labs train the specific techniques, and provide the learnable mindsets, of creative thinking and problem solving to drive organizational innovation and enhance the creative powers and efficacy of teams and individuals.

You‘ll leave with:

  • A unique team building experience
  • An enhanced knowledge of the creative process and problem solving strategies for the workplace
  • Proven techniques for improving creative capacities and strengthening communication abilities
  • An orientation to The Dalí and curated gallery experience of this highly creative artist

There are introductory and advanced courses offered:

Saving the World from Chaos: An Introduction to Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
A true Creative Problem Solving 101, this course serves as an introduction to the tools and methods used by the top creativity scholars and practitioners in the world to boost creative problem solving skills and confidence. You will identify your personal innovation strength(s) (scaffolded by FourSight) and learn how to enhance areas of growth as well as learn the framework for creative problem solving.

Saving the World from Chaos: Advanced Strategies for Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
In the advanced lab, you will build on the skills from the introductory course. Specifically, you will learn advanced tools and techniques for each stage of the creative process. To put that knowledge into practice, you will engage with real-life challenges from your work and/or your personal life. This lab allows you to hone your creative problem solving skills.

The Secret Life of your Organization: Effective Communication & Team Building
Using LEGO® Serious Play® methodology and other experiential learning tools, teams will learn to improve existing communication skills and strengthen working relationships. With a choice of focuses—team identity, team evaluation, team alignment—these workshops permit the exploration of group dynamics and business scenarios, providing the ultimate team building experience.

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