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Student Surrealist Art Exhibit: Irrational Technology

Student Surrealist Art Exhibit

The Dalí Museum’s Student Surrealist Art Exhibit 2020: “Irrational Technology: From the Ridiculous to the Sublime”

Deadlines and exhibit dates have been delayed and are subject to change as we monitor school closures.

Pinellas County: Jan 11-March 8
Hillsborough County:  May 4-July 17
Statewide: July 1-Aug 23

Check out The Dalí Museum’s video resources for the Student Surrealist Art Exhibit!

“Surrealism: The Big Ideas”
Closed caption version

“How to Make Surrealist Art”
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“Why Teach Surrealist Art”

Dalí is renowned for his curiosity and desire to create. Science was a lifelong interest of his, and he read up on the newest scientific discoveries and technologies regularly. Dalí was inspired by the technology that could challenge reality and the visible world around us. We can see this influence in his art, particularly during his Nuclear Mysticism period (1950-58). And like his Renaissance counterpart Leonardo da Vinci, Dalí designed his own surreal ideas for new technology and inventions.

Had Dalí lived into this era, he would have embraced 21st-century technological tools to make his dream paintings ever more real. Technology can shape the way we live and the way we see the world—it can make the impossible possible. Our society is infatuated by technology and the possibility it brings, good or bad.

For the 2020 Student Surrealist Art Exhibit, we challenge students to explore surreal ideas about technology. Students may consider the absurdities of technology, the possible benefits and consequences of our fascination for technology, surreal technologies of their own, or an irrational world shaped by its technology. Interpretations may be dystopian or fanciful and humorous. All 2D media types are welcomed and encouraged.

Please read the guidelines carefully; some information has changed.

2020 Pinellas Guidelines
Digital submissions due to Pinellas Art Office: November 15, 2019

2020 Hillsborough Guidelines
Submissions due to Hillsborough Art Office: February 21, 2020

2020 Statewide Guidelines 
Digital submissions due to EntryThingy: April 30, 2020
(Please note the dates listed in the guidelines have changed)

View photos of 2019’s Student Surrealist Art Exhibit

Note: Students may not submit their own artwork. Art teachers should submit artwork on their students’ behalf. If a student is not enrolled in an art class during the current semester, any art teacher at the same school may submit on the student’s behalf.

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