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Junior Docent Art Camp

Junior Docents: i dream of dalí

Become a Junior Docent at The Dalí Museum’s weeklong camp where attendees discover new ways to interpret and create art, meet new friends and have fun in the museum. This year’s theme, “I Dream of Dalí,” will focus on how Dalí and the Surrealists used their dreams to inspire their art. Junior docents will be challenged to create images of their dreams and work towards the dreams of their future.

In this program, elementary and middle school students will learn the fundamentals of interpreting a painting, plus how to share a compelling story and gain a deeper understanding of the power of images. Junior docents will not only build their art skills and knowledge, they will also learn about dream journals, play theatre games and practice yoga with various Museum staff and partners.

In addition to learning about Salvador Dalí and surrealist art, junior docents will be empowered to think independently about art and express their own thoughts. The week will conclude with a reception and junior docent-led gallery tour that showcase each student’s personal voice, Dalí knowledge and their very own surrealist art.

Junior Docent Art Camp is open to Elementary and Middle School students, ages 9-14 (note: students must fall in the following range—have completed 3rd grade but not yet have started 9th grade—to be eligible). In Summer 2023, Elementary and Middle School age groups will alternate weeks of camp. These distinctions are based on the grade the student completed in May 2023 (Elementary – completed grades 3-5; Middle – completed 6-8). During camp, students will be divided into smaller break-out groups to allow for age-appropriate instruction and social interaction. If your children fall into different age groups, please reach out to sayad@thedali.org for registration advice.

Due to high demand for Elementary School sessions, we will be offering a combined Elementary and Middle School session, July 24-28.

Please note: Elementary School – completed grades 3-5; Middle School – completed 6-8.

June 5-9: Elementary School – Sold out
June 19-23: Middle School – Sold out
July 10-14: Elementary School – Sold out
July 24-28: Combined Elementary and Middle School – Register Now

Schedule: Monday-Thursday 9:15am-4:15pm, Friday 9:15am-5:30pm
Location: The Dalí Museum Raymond James Community Room
Price: $225
Museum Members: $200
MEMBER CARD # necessary to purchase. Don’t see it on your card? Click here.

are scholarships available?

Yes, a limited number of scholarships are available. To inquire about a scholarship application, please contact sayad@thedali.org.

Need community service hours?

Students who have completed 9th grade are encouraged to volunteer with Junior Docent Art Camp over the summer for up to 40 community service hours earned in one week of camp. Priority is given to students who became Junior Docents in Elementary and Middle School. Please contact sayad@thedali.org to inquire about opportunities to volunteer with camp.

interested in a virtual option?

Please express your interest in an alternative camp format to sayad@thedali.org.

Why attend Junior Docent Art CamP?

The goal of Junior Docent Art Camp is to provide safe social interaction for young students as they learn about the life and art of Salvador Dalí, make original surreal art, and write and lead a docent tour in the permanent collection galleries. In a world-class museum setting, junior docents are afforded an opportunity to interact with Dalí’s art in a unique way. With a small camp size, our instructor to student ratio is very small (1:5) and each instructor is a local art or art history teacher. Many of our instructors are trained docents and each is familiar with the Museum collection.

The Dalí completed a 7-yearlong study in collaboration with the USFSP Department of Psychiatry documenting how the Junior Docent program assists in the development of children’s self-esteem and ability to learn. An article on the study, written by Ryan Kaufman and Eric Rinehardt for the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association states, “This study provides preliminary evidence that art programs can be beneficial for the self-concept of children and draws implications for arts education and art therapy programming for diverse needs.”

Read “The Effects of a Museum Art Program on the Self-Concept of Children” from the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association (31:3, pp. 118-125) by Ryan Kaufman, Eric Rinehardt, Hank Hine, Berney Wilkinson, Peter Tush, Bethany Mead and Francisco Fernandez (2014).

For additional information, please contact School Programs Manager, Sumaya Ayad at sayad@thedali.org or 727.623.4754.