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Planned Giving

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Your gift to The Dali helps ensure that future generations have access to the transformative power of the art and philosophy of Salvador Dali.

There are ways to support the Museum that meet your personal situation and accomplish your philanthropic goals. Some planned gifts may improve your financial or tax situation, or they can provide income tax deductions or avoid long-term capital gains. All of these gifts play an increasingly important role in sustaining the mission of the Museum and providing for its long-term financial security. The gift options described here can make a difference to the Museum, to you and your family, and to the community.

A charitable bequest to The Dali is a gift provided in your estate or trust that is realized only after your death. A bequest can be unrestricted or applied to a specific purpose as designated in writing by you. Because the gifted amount is not included in your taxable estate for federal [and state] tax purposes, the entire gift is contributed to the Museum without deductions for taxes.

charitable gift annuities
A charitable gift annuity [CGA] is a contract directly with The Dali under which you, another specified beneficiary, or you and another specified beneficiary may receive a fixed income for life. A CGA qualifies for a charitable income tax deduction in the year of the gift. Furthermore, a portion of the income received each year is not subject to federal income tax.

beneficiary designations
Contributing all or a portion of a life insurance policy or retirement fund to The Dali can be very effective and convenient assets to give. Naming the Museum as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy is simple and can provide a way to reduce your taxable estate. Or, you may name The Dali as owner and beneficiary from which the present value and remaining premium payments are treated as a tax-deductible charitable gift.

Retirement plans that remain in your estate may be subject to significant estate and income taxes. By naming The Dali as the beneficiary of your Keogh plan, IRA or other retirement fund, tax deferred annuity or qualified pension plan, any assets remaining in the plan after your death pass untaxed to the Museum for any purpose you designate.

income producing trusts
Through a charitable remainder trust, you or a designated beneficiary can realize income for life or a period of years, after which the remaining assets are distributed to The Dali. This type of trust provides a current income tax deduction to the donor, and in most instances, allows the donor to avoid payment of capital gains taxes on the appreciation of the assets donated to the trust.

With a charitable lead trust, income generated during your lifetime, or the term of the trust, is donated to the Museum. The assets remaining in the trust then pass to your heirs. The charitable lead trust can provide significant short-term and long-term tax benefits.

gift of real estate
A retained life estate contract is a gift to The Dali of real property under which you retain the right to occupy the property for your lifetime. This type of gift provides a current charitable tax deduction. The value of the property is not included in your probate estate, because you will have already transferred the interest in the property to The Dali. The Museum will be able to enjoy the benefits of the real estate either by leasing the property for income, or by selling the property and applying the proceeds as needed or as designated by you.

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