Fundraising Event, Los Vinos de Dali

Fundraising Events

The Dalí hosts special fundraising events throughout the year. All proceeds support the care, study and exhibition of our collection and a wide range of monthly education and outreach programs.

Sueños de Dalí: October 23, 2021
Held in the fall, our annual surreal soiree transforms the Museum into a dreamlike fantasy with costumes, cocktails & dancing.

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Fashion Design at The Dalí Benefit Fashion Show: February 3, 2022
Sponsored by Neiman Marcus, this annual fashion show features works of wearable art created by teen designers in the Fashion Design at The Dalí program alongside Neiman Marcus fashion brands.

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Anniversary Dinner: March 5, 2022
Since 1982, the most generous patrons have gathered to enjoy dinner among Salvador Dalí’s works. The Dalí’s most distinguished event, the Anniversary Dinner is the only event that takes place in the Tom and Mary James Family Wing, where the Museum’s permanent collection is displayed. To reserve a table, please email

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Los Vinos de Dalí: April 30, 2022
Every spring, we invite our community to enjoy boutique wines and delicious tastings on the picturesque St. Petersburg waterfront, with live music, exclusive auctions and complimentary admission to the galleries.

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Thank you to all of our past event sponsors.

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