The Dali Museum helical staircase illuminated in red at night

Where Ideas Come From: Creating Music with ERG 

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October 19, 2023 @ 6:00pm 7:00pm

In conjunction with our special exhibit Where Ideas Come From: Dalí’s Drawings, we invite you to join the improvisation, collaboration and composition as they merge to create an exciting interactive concert with new music group, ERG. Dr. David Manson hosts an “instant concert,” asking audience members to contribute motifs and moods, then quickly conferring with ERG musicians on the spot to produce music.

ERG members are David Pate (saxophone & flute), Tom Kersey (cello), TJ Glowacki (double bass), Jim Stewart (drums) and David Manson (trombone). This concert is presented by the Salvador Dali Museum and EMIT.

Location: The Dalí Museum’s Will Raymund Theater
Tickets: $15

Admission to the galleries is not included with this ticket purchase. You are encouraged to visit the galleries before the performance.

ERG Band