Lecture: Using Virtual Reality to Save the Oceans

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December 5, 2023 @ 5:00pm 6:00pm

Interested in Virtual Reality or Marine Robotics? Join presenter Casey Sapp as he discusses the intersection of immersive technologies and the ocean. Casey will share innovative 360-degree cinematic films he produced with the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel and will also provide an introduction to his current role in integrating Virtual Reality with underwater robots for ocean exploration. 

Location: The Dalí Museum’s Will Raymund Theater

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Casey Sapp is the VP of Strategy and Emerging Technologies at VideoRay, where he oversees new product development, monetization and special unmanned systems initiatives.

Before joining VideoRay, Casey founded Blue Ring Imaging, which focused on Mixed Reality and perception solutions for maritime unmanned systems and was acquired by VideoRay in 2023.

Known for transforming intricate tech concepts into accessible and profitable solutions in growth technology companies, Casey is also inventor of the world’s first 360 degree 3D underwater camera system, the first underwater 360 degree livestream (premiered on Good Morning America) and highest resolution underwater camera system in the world (MSG Sphere).