Education Videos

You can find these and more educational videos on the Museum’s YouTube channel, here.

Surrealism: The Big Ideas
“Surrealism: The Big Ideas” is a condensed history of the Surrealist movement, providing a foundation for artists learning to make their own surreal art. Closed captioned version.

How to Make Surrealist Art
“How to Make Surrealist Art” expands upon surrealist ideas and techniques, offering inspiration and new ways of tapping into your creativity. Closed captioned version. For middle and high school art students entering The Dalí Museum’s Student Surrealist Art Exhibit.

Why Teach Surrealist Art?
“Why Teach Surrealist Art?” is for you, the teacher. Art educators share insight on why teaching surrealist art in the classroom is valuable.

Dalí on the Fly
Grandpa and his nine-year-old granddaughter, Gala, two gadflies, tour The Dalí Museum after hours discussing the works of Salvador Dalí. Using live action with animation, this surreal educational documentary film about the art of Salvador Dalí, is designed to teach kindergarten through 5th-grade art students about surrealism and how Dalí’s art was inspired by dreams, math and science. Closed captioned version.

St. Petersburg Science Festival – Gumdrop Dome Project
Through a short presentation, Joy Garrett-Douglas explores a brief history of Salvador Dalí and the geometric composition of his painting Nature Morte Vivante (Still Life–Fast Moving), 1956. Inspired by Dalí’s love for science, the “Surreal Geodesic Dome” art activity is a tasty way to recreate aspects of The Dalí Museum’s geodesic glass dome. Using gumdrop candies and toothpicks students can create a delicious changing sculpture. Learn more about the St. Petersburg Science Festival.

Thanks to our creative partners Roundhouse Creative Studio and Costa Creative for their work on these education videos.