Photograph of person holding phone and scanning one of Dalí's paintings

Digital Experiences at The Dalí

Throughout his life and career, Salvador Dalí was an innovator, constantly challenging the status quo. Whether revolutionizing the art world, questioning the social mores of his day, or forcing us to reevaluate how we see, interpret and interact with the world around us, Dalí was future-focused, constantly searching for scientific, spiritual and artistic connections. His experimental techniques, provocative theories of art and his ongoing fascination with technology placed him in the vanguard of discovery, always testing limits, probing boundaries and leaning purposefully into the future.

We believe Dalí, as an early adopter of new techniques, skills, methods and processes, would be delighted that in the decades following his death, emerging technology would allow people to go inside his paintings, to make them three-dimensional and even bring himself back to life!

The Dalí Museum is dedicated to creating digital experiences that entertain you, inspire you and encourage your further immersion into all that was – and is – the genius of Salvador Dalí. The current digital experiences below are included in the price of Museum admission and based on availability. Purchase your advanced timed ticket, then stop by the Info Desk upon entry for details. 

Current Digital Experiences

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