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Ask Dalí (Via Artificial Intelligence)

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Using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Ask Dalí allows visitors to ask any question to a re-created Salvador Dalí. The result is a voice that sounds remarkably like Dalí’s and a dialogue that reflects his unique personality, style and humor. To start a conversation, visitors pick up a telephone inspired by Dalí’s famous Lobster Phone and ask any question they would like.

Only available at The Dalí Museum, the experience is powered by several modern machine learning models, including GPT-4 from OpenAI and Eleven V2 from ElevenLabs. The models have been trained using a variety of the artist’s writings and archival audio, providing dynamic and unpredictable answers to visitors’ questions.

Read more about the revolutionary AI technology used to create Ask Dalí and the partnership with Goodby Silverstein & Partners that made it possible.

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