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Avant-garde Studies

Avant-garde Studies is an online publication published by The Dalí annually that aims to inspire and inform the public about renowned artist Salvador Dalí and his work, the avant-garde movements that shaped him as an artist, and the impact Dalí’s life and art has on the avant-garde still to this day. Avant-garde Studies covers Talks and Conferences presented by The Dalí Museum and publishes peer-reviewed papers on avant-garde topics including those about Dalí and related exhibitions.

Portrait of Picasso in the 21st century
Picasso/Dali, Dalí/Picasso, an Academic Conference.
Miguel Cabañas Bravo, Haim Finkelstein, Hank Hine, Frédérique Joséph-Lowery,Elliott H. King, Enrique Mallen, Ricard Mas Peinado, Idoia Murga Castro, Pilar Parcerisas, Astrid Ruffa, Vicent Santamaria de Mingo, Sarah Wilson.

Dali as Writer
Vida Secreta, Palabra Oculta: Dalí as Writer, an Academic Conference.
Dawn Adès, Enric Bou, Fèlix Fanés, Hank Hine, William Jeffett, Juan José Lahuerta, Frédérique Joséph-Lowery, Christopher Maurer, Michael R. Taylor.laborum

Madonna of Port Lligat
Dalí-Duchamp, an Academic Conference.
Deborah Bürgel, Irene Civil, Barnaby Dicker, Miguel Escribano, Haim Finkelstein, Paul B. Franklin, Margaret Iversen, Elliott King, Francesco Miróglio, Pilar Parcerisas, Megakles Rogakos, Carme Ruiz, David Stent.

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