people sitting in a room with tv screens drawing

The Drawing Room: Draw Like Dalí

As part of the current special exhibition Where Ideas Come From: Dalí’s Drawings, the Museum’s interactive drawing room gives visitors a whole new way to experience Dalí’s art. From following the prompts of drawing the artist’s “Melting Watch” and “The Elephants” to creating their own unique masterpieces, our visitors have embraced what it means to draw like the Dalí.

“Begin by drawing…like the old masters. After that do as you see fit—you will always be respected.” – Salvador Dalí

Where Ideas Come From: Dalí’s Drawings is on display now through Oct 22, 2023.

“The interactivity was wonderful. this allowed for each person to take something of Dalí with them that they created themselves.”

“the drawing section was a lot of fun…a very soothing experience.”

“we took our granddaughter who loves to draw with pencil and focused on how [Dalí] started to draw.”