Artists of The Dalí Dozen 2018

Amber Sigman, Documentary Photographer

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Jennifer Grinder
Amber Sigman is a national award-winning photographer with over 16 years of experience covering stories around the globe; from a Florida woman visiting her native Cuba, to sacred spots in Thailand, Tanzania’s wildlife, Wyoming’s cowboy culture, and underwater adventures in Florida. She has a passion for culture, and global communities. Her travels have taken her to 27 countries, something that has forever changed her perspective. She hopes her photos will convey the unity she feels when traveling. Her mission is to help people connect, rather than fear the world.




Kera Holzinger, Portrait Photographer

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Aly Fernandez
Kera’s journey as a photographer started over 10 years ago when she was introduced to the world of film. She was formally trained as a photojournalist and her passion for telling the untouched story became ingrained in the way she photographed. Her love for editorial photography began and further developed when she worked for the Naples Daily News. Kera has dedicated her professional life in St. Petersburg to curating a photography experience that focuses on honest emotions and stunning portraits. Born out of a need for images that focus on authentic connection and real moments, Kera delivers images that speak directly to the soul; a visual story of love.



Ari Robinson, Painter

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Marysia Lopez
Ari Robinson is a collage artist who currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her work is approached by a creative execution driven by process and spontaneity; focused on form, color, and energy. Informed with an intuitive sense of color and space, she then establishes the direction of each piece, layer by layer until the work feels grounded with a sense of fluidity. Color is a very important component in her works as it has the ability to evoke feelings of something transcendent or suggest a transcendent space. She received her BFA in Studio Art from Lindenwood University in 2015. Some of her clients/press include: Georges Dubouef (Quintessential Wines), Nikki Beach Miami, Tampa Bay Times, Packaging of the World and Hennessy Paradis Imperial.



Steven Beverage, Painter & Sculptor

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Aly Fernandez
Steven Beverage is a painter and sculptor who focuses on unique process of printing images in rust. He received his MFA in studio art from USF in 2000 and had his first solo exhibition in 2006. He has been making art and teaching in the Tampa Bay area for the past 18 years. For almost 20 years, he has been developing and refining a unique process of printing images in rust.  Exploring the process of Rust Printing with a variety of subjects is currently the focus of his art making. He is currently a faculty member at Pinellas County Center for the Arts where he teaches Advanced Placement Drawing and Art History. Steve lives in Palm Harbor, FL with his son Kyle and Tonto the cat.



Rick Ganey, Craftguard Musical Instruments

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Brett Holden
Rick has been building cigar box guitars for several years and has sold over 100, some to patrons as far as Australia. Some of his guitars have been played on several blues CDs. His instruments are made mostly by hand tools the way they were made in the mid-1800s – early 1900s. Rick repurposes, recycles and reclaims all materials. Cigar Boxes are constructed of Spanish Cedar that not only adds flavor to the cigars packed in them for sale but a wonderful tone wood that adds to the beautiful sound to his handmade guitars.




Ted VanCleave, Sculptor

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, George Medeiros
Ted VanCleave has been creating art for more than thirty years while living in San Francisco, Los Angeles & Miami before making St Pete his home in 2017. His Sinuosity sculptures are sought after for their sensuous shapes, delicate folds & metallic finishes, but they are also a dichotomy. Each sculpture looks like gently folded fabric that could easily be smooshed, but they are as hard as a rock and permanently frozen in their final expression.
VanCleave’s work is in the permanent collection of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation in Los Angeles.




Kevin Damphouse, Jewelry Designer

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Jon Smith
9Guides is the transcendent jewelry collection by local designer Kevin Damphouse. Originally, from Ontario, Canada, Kevin now lives in St. Petersburg, where his interest in mystical spiritual knowledge, the healing properties of stones, and fifteen years of intuitive energy healing, culminated with Kevin’s truly striking jewelry pieces. Kevin’s trademark is his artistic style combined with metaphysical healing elements. Tools such as gemstones, natural elements, Reiki, quartz and brass bowls and sound are incorporated into his craft resulting in one-of-a-kind creations. His jewelry is an expression of his fascination with gemstones, an interest he’s cultivated since childhood. Either polished or raw form, Kevin is drawn to working with gemstones, sterling silver, gold-filled metals, leathers and chain; and each of his pieces are handmade and infused with healing energy.



Felice “Pepi” Zellea, Multimedia Art

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Diane Kulp
Felice “Pepi” Zellea creates multi-media art from found, discarded and recycled objects, and transforms them into new works of art.  Pepi is fascinated with palm fronds and make masks which she call “Faces That Fall Off Trees.” Pepi also teaches these techniques as a vehicle to empower her students. Her brilliant artwork can be found at local shops and on her website. “Please enjoy my art, it is happy stuff! And…When you look closely…you may see yourself! – Pepi




Aleisha Prather, Whimsical Sculptor

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Diana Enyedi
Aleisha Prather is a sculptor of fantasy works inspired by nature and the history of fairies. Raised in Arkansas, she relocated to Saint Petersburg in 2007. She received an AAE at St. Petersburg College, 2013 and a BFA at USF, 2017, both with high honors. Her work received Best of Show in Environmental Work and the People’s Choice awards in Dolls and Where They Live at Florida CraftArt. Her sculptures were featured at Orange Blossom Jamboree and Suwannee Halloween 2018 music festivals. Currently, she assists Mark Aeling at MGA Sculpture Studio creating public sculpture. She continues to grow.




Pamela Joy Trow, Painter & Mixed Media

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Marie D. Jones
The greatest influence to my art is my surroundings. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, an early passion for mythology ignited a lifelong exploration of archetypes & metaphor. Years in Bend, Oregon cultivated my animal & nature themes. Santa Fe, New Mexico inspired my “Day of the Dead” series of original acrylic & ink paintings, fiber art, mixed media pieces, prints, cards, & more. Now…calling St. Petersburg my home, themes of mermaids & sea life are revealing themselves. Inspired by a career in design & illustration, I recognized the power of story. I hope you will enjoy the tales my work tells.




John Brennan, Animal Painter

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, Frances Recheungel
John Brennan is an award-winning wildlife artist, working from his studio in Lutz Florida. The focus of his work is to capture America’s natural history, while promoting wildlife conservation. His paintings have been displayed in museums including The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art, the Bennington and the Hiram Blauvelt, as well as national touring exhibitions. He is a member of the Society of Animal Artists, the preeminent group of the world’s finest wildlife artists.




BJ Andryusky, Clay Home Decor

Sponsored by Dalí Museum Zodiac Member, SuzAnna Lyons
BJ Andryusky has an exceptional skill for turning domestic items like vases, boxes, and jars into affordable metallic-looking art.  She does this by working her magic with polymer clay, often in a steampunk or industrial style. Working from her home studio in Historic Kenwood, BJ emerged into the rapidly growing art scene of St. Petersburg, Florida late in 2017 with the opening of her new business, which can be found online at Her early retirement from corporate management & training has allowed her the freedom to pursue her dreams. BJ’s love of all things mystical and spiritual supports the imaginative style found in her home decor and collectible designs.