Teen Voices teen participant stands in front of large iron mustache artwork

Teen Voices Online

This free semester-long program empowers high school students (grades 9-12) to become interpreters of the world and works of Salvador Dalí. With the help of guest-speakers and Museum staff, participants will attend hands-on workshops dedicated to the research, writing and recording of new content with the goal of creating the Museum’s a for-teens-by-teens audio tour. This year the program will be meeting virtually via Zoom. Students will visit the Museum once to record their audio guide entries.

In addition to the art and fun, the Teen Voices program builds self-esteem, enhancing the speaking and writing skills of participants and providing opportunities to verbalize personal choices.

Cost: Free

Apply Here

The program consists of 16 meetings, taking place from February through May. Meetings are held on Sundays from 2-4pm. A full schedule of dates will be provided at the first meeting.

The program is administered by Dalí Museum education staff and Pinellas County AP Art History teacher John Stewart. Guest speakers include playwright and audio producer Sheila Cowley and writer and sound designer Matt Cowley.

Students applying agree to:

  • Attend 75% of meetings. If possible, notification of the student’s absence in advance is preferred.
  • Have an e-mail account and check it at least once a week before meetings.
  • Practice appropriate behavior for the museum and classroom setting that is respectful to instructors, peers, and guest speakers.
  • Be receptive to constructive criticism and demonstrate willingness to make adjustments as needed.

How to apply:
Complete an online application which includes basic student information and requires a brief creative writing sample.

For additional information please contact education@thedali.org.

Listen to 2020 Teen Voices audio guide:

Listen to 2019 Teen Voices audio guide:

Self-Portrait (Figueres)
The Basket of Bread
Portrait of My Dead Brother
The Average Bureaucrat
Surrealist Poster
The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus
Hallucinogenic Toreador