The Guild at The Dali Museum posing in front of the mustache sculpture

The Guild at The Dalí

The Guild at The Dalí is a group of like-minded women and men committed to raising awareness of the Museum in our local and global communities and to encouraging engagement. Its mission is “to build active, sustainable communities of support around the Museum, its initiatives and enterprises. The Guild raises funds, enlists and educates supporters and serves the Museum as knowledgeable and committed ambassadors.” View The Guild at The Dalí brochure (pdf) For more information about The Guild, please email

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The Guild at The Dalí Executive Committee 2021-2021
Lana Schutte-Tetzlaff, President
Nata Cibran, Vice President
Bob Dobbs, Treasurer
Dorothy Cappadona, Recording Secretary
Anne Drake McMullen, Development Chair
Catherine Benoot, Membership Chair
Adele Visaggio, Education Chair
Amy Blake, Communications Liaison
Linda Pugliese, Governance Chair/Past President

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