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Innovation Labs Activities

Innovation Labs Activities

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See, Think, Feel
One of our favorite exercises for breaking out of mental deadlock.

Dalí Doodles
Experience the power a change in perspective brings.

The Weaning of Furniture Nutrition
Tales from The Dalí
Loosen up your brain with some improvisational storytelling.

Curiosity & the Cat   Practice radical curiosity with art-based 20 questions.

Venus with Drawers
Visual Puns
Use this as a fun warm-up for any creative session.

Build new understanding by translating into a new sense.

Mystery of Sleep (The Hermit)
Get new perspective on your challenges with a “tarot” reading.

Use this push activity when your brainstorming runs out of steam.

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The Artist's Museum

Focusing on an individual's life & vision to generate new understanding.

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If someday I may die, though it is unlikely, I hope the people in the cafés will say, ‘Dalí has died, but not entirely.’ – Salvador Dalí