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April 9, 2024 – Indefinitely

In conjunction with our special exhibition, Dalí & the Impressionists: Monet, Renoir, Degas & More, we invited you to share and vote on original artwork inspired by the Impressionism movement.

The Dalí’s current special exhibition explores Salvador Dalí’s profound engagement with the Impressionist movement, which was pivotal in his early artistic journey. An impressive selection of 22 French Impressionist works from the MFA, Boston, situated alongside 18 of Dalí’s earliest paintings, reveals surprising continuities between Impressionist and Surrealist perspectives.

Dalí’s visual exploration of his homeland of Catalonia, Spain, became synonymous with the landscape of the surreal. Impressionists like Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley also developed their signature landscape style, using vibrant colors, atmospheric light and free-form brushstrokes to capture the French countryside. 

Alongside landscapes, Impressionists capture life through still life and portraiture. From asymmetrical compositions and juxtaposed textures to vivid patterns, artists like Édouard Manet and Henri Matisse transformed traditional still life into a forum for technical innovation. Edgar Degas painted captivating self-portraits while also painting somber portraits of Parisian women. For this contest, we welcomed you to employ your artistic inventions and create revolutionary art in homage to Dalí and the Impressionists.

contest winners:

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Mountain Man Perceiving Nature by Adriana Cook

Adriana Cook
Mountain Man Perceiving Nature
Plant City, Florida

I was inspired by my husband who so deeply loves nature. I wanted to capture the human spirit in its natural habitat. After a long day of yard work, Stanton Cook stood at the edge of the yard eating a Winesap apple [not visible] from a local orchard and admiring the beauty of the Smoky Mountains and the world around him.

Dali Painting Gala by Ahmet Denker

Ahmet Denker
Dali Painting Gala
Oil on canvas
Tampa, Florida

In homage to Dalí, I have painted a composition that captures the very essence of the artist as he immortalizes his beloved Gala—the all-encompassing presence in Dalí’s life, embodying roles as his wife, muse, and model. Against the enchanting backdrop of the Mediterranean’s azure waters framed by vibrant, jutting cliffs, reminiscent of the landscapes that have profoundly influenced Dalí’s iconic works, I aim to forge a profound connection with the artist in my personal interpretation.

Employing impressionistic strokes that echo the dynamic rhythm of the Mediterranean and cliffs reminiscent of Dalí’s distinctive landscapes, I seek to weave a personal thread linking this piece directly to Dalí. The setting unfolds as a reimagined rendition of his signature landscape, bathed in vibrant hues and gently illuminated by ethereal light. Here, Dalí, brush in hand, meticulously paints Gala, her poised figure gazing towards the bay.
Simultaneously, Dalí faces Gala, his eyes becoming a reflection not only of the intense concentration of an artist at his model but also a profound testament to the love and admiration he held for Gala. Within this composition, my goal has been to encapsulate the timeless connection between artist and muse, inviting viewers to delve into the intricate nuances of passion, artistry, and the magnetic allure of the enchanting landscape of Dalí’s hometown.

Everything Counts by Alberto Chirinos

Alberto Chirinos
Everything Counts
Oil on canvas
Tampa, Florida

This oil paint uses the extreme clash of realities to question the inherent selfishness of human beings…hence, the “grabbing hand.”

Autumn Grasses by Alice Pickett

Alice Pickett
Autumn Grasses
Mixed media, fabric, paint, thread
Gulfport, Florida

Meadows, grasses and fields are a medley of colors and textures. They are humble environments, but filled with so many different naturally occuring types of flowers, bushes and grasses. As a textile artist, I love recreating the fine lines and shapes of grasses and flowers through the use of thread and small bits of fabrics. This piece was based on a series of photographs of willows, roadside grasses and flowers that I took last year in Alaska. The photographs were digitally layered, then printed on fabric. The details are added with several techniques that I like to call “painting with my sewing machine.” I strive for the juxtaposition of the photographic images blending into Impressionist elements.

Crandon Park by Andrea Flores

Andrea Flores
Crandon Park
Soft pastel
Miami, Florida

This soft pastel artwork was done in the Impressionist tradition of plein air, working outdoors to capture the essence of a site in Key Biscayne, Florida.

Herbarium - Lesson in dissent and patience by Anne Cardot

Anne Cardot
Herbarium – Lesson in Dissent and Patience
Cotton thread
Autun, France

I explore variations in colors, materials and shapes. Nature is a source of inspiration, especially for its resilience: a lesson in patience and dissent. For this work, I mix the very fine threads and I contradict the stitch grid.

Water of life by Arian Latif

Arian Latif
Water of Life
Oil on canvas
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

My painting has a water with a lot colors. This water is not beautiful if we do not use those colors and it is the same thing for life; we can make a beautiful life by thinking optimistic and using beautiful words.

Beauty in the Garden by Brooke Olivares

Brooke Olivares
Beauty in the Garden
Oil on panel
Sarasota, Florida

This work was inspired by my sister sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen in the late hours of the night. I was inspired by the mood and color that this time of day captures.

Hillside Farm by Connie McLaughlin

Connie McLaughlin
Hillside Farm
Summerfield, Florida

This scene was visible from the road near my summer cottage in County Donegal, Ireland. The arrangement of the hedges and the geometric buildings suggested Cézanne and the grass, bushes, and trees invited brush-stroking in the manner of Monet. I decided to paint it combining the styles of my two favorite Impressionists with whatever I could bring to the image myself.

Survival by Cri Schonert

Cri Schonert
Tampa, Florida

Inspired by Dalí’s many works.

Pitons by Danielle Vidal-Johnson

Danielle Vidal-Johnson
Oil and gold leaf on canvas
Apollo Beach, Florida

Through this work, I have attempted to capture my own experience of the awe-inspiring beauty of the Grand Pitons, two volcanic spires that stand as a sentinel on the west coast of Saint Lucia. Their presence transcends mere physical grandeur, evoking a profound sense of serenity and awe that I have tried to translate onto the canvas.

The lush vegetation blanketing the Pitons is depicted in a vibrant tapestry of greens. Sunlight peeks through the canopy, dappling the slopes with emerald highlights. Hints of warmth are subtly woven in with the use of copper gold leaf, particularly along the ridges where the sun glints off the volcanic rock. The blues of the sea transition seamlessly from a deep cerulean near the horizon to a playful turquoise closer to the shore, where whitecaps dance like effervescent bubbles. The brushstrokes and use of impasto mimic the sway of palm trees in the gentle breeze and the rhythmic caress of waves, inviting the viewer to experience the scene through a lens of memory and emotion.

The focus is not on capturing every minute detail, but rather the overwhelming sense of awe and wonder inspired by the grandeur of the Pitons. This artwork is a testament to the enduring power of nature to inspire and uplift. It is my hope that viewers will not only appreciate the beauty of the scene depicted, but also feel a deeper connection to the natural world and the profound emotions it evokes.

Urban Forest by Dave Plant

Dave Plant
Urban Forest
Spray paint
London, England

I realized this artwork last summer in 2023 for Berkley Group. They asked me to represent the local scenery, Broadway East Market and his old Gas Holder, that now will become an apartment building. The manager asked me to bring some nature inside the artwork, so I created with a stencil frame a leafy effect and once the artwork was finished, I painted with the spray then I removed the frame and created the organic effect.

"The Consumate One" by David Olk

David Olk
“The Consumate One”
Mixed media on paper
Columbus, Ohio

Inspired by the abundance of thoughts on peoples’ faces.

Laura's Heaven by Debbie Garrett

Debbie Garrett
Laura’s Heaven
Acrylic on wood
St. Petersburg, Florida

This painting is dedicated to my former student, Laura Lois, who passed away untimely.  

Matisse at the Pier by Debbie Keeler

Debbie Keeler
Matisse at the Pier
St. Petersburg, Florida

In 2013, I visited St. Petersburg. I love St. Petersburg! The access to the water and the natural world here is amazing. I wanted to capture the beauty of the Pier setting even though the Pier had been closed for a while. One day, I was cycling by the beach and someone had left their blue bike propped up on a kickstand with the Pier in the background. I took a photo. I decided to paint it in Matisse’s style because I wanted to show the simple beauty of the entire scene.

View Towards Frostburg by Debra Moffitt

Debra Moffitt
View Towards Frostburg
Williamsport, Pennsylvania

From a vantage point high on on a hillside of the Allegheny mountains in Western Maryland, the valley tilts down toward Frostburg, Maryland. My grandfather found this place over 65 years ago and my extended family has been gathering here on a property up the dirt round ever since. The area has been threatened by strip mining, landfills, and is now hosting a wind farm, but still retains it’s wild, rocky aura. A deer crossed the path as I painted here one beautiful late August afternoon.

Green Tree Roots by Emily Alice

Emily Alice
Green Tree Roots
Reflection photograph, metallic print
Palm Harbor, Florida

There is a path from the lake to the St. Croix River Valley. Sometimes, later in the summer, the moss and algae make the water look this color. This is simply a reflection of clear sunny days.

Riff on Dali’s Hot Air Balloon Over Cadaqués by Esther Sharp

Esther Sharp
Riff on Dalí’s Hot Air Balloon Over Cadaqués
Acrylic on canvas
Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Florist's Workshop by Erik Eskedal

Erik Eskedal
Florist’s Workshop
Digital art
Worcester, Massachusetts

Set upright upon a florist’s work table in a workshop greenhouse is a brushed aluminum art print of a water lily.

The greenhouse provides a nurturing environment where nature and art converge, allowing the viewer to feel immersed in the creative process.

The vision of this image began with my photograph of vibrant autumn leaves sitting afloat on the surface of a calm New England pond reflecting blue skies and coastal foliage. The photo was processed through artificial intelligence multiple times and with many different prompts in order to bring it closer to the overall vision that the original photograph sought to convey.

Twirling towards Mars by Fiona Liberatore

Fiona Liberatore
Twirling Towards Mars
Acrylics on canvas
Bugnara, Italy

My search is taking me to outer space. The world has become narrow conceptually, so I decided to take my exploration beyond the boundaries of the imaginable. Large canvases with images of superheroes in the guise of flowers trying to save the living, but at a certain point, I realized that the image of the superhero is actually a self-portrait; I have to save myself, my art, through a mental big bang.

Earthly gifts on a tidal creek by Florence Durand -Schumann

Florence Durand-Schumann
Earthly Gifts on a Tidal Creek
Oil on canvas
St. Petersburg, Florida

My collage was inspired by a collection of leaves, twigs and shells from a windy new years winter walk at Fort De Soto Preserve- the colorful baby bird in it’s sock-like nest I discovered on a hike along the Withlacoochee River. I have lived in Germany most of my adult life and the beach tidal creeks of Florida remind me of the Priels, Watt shallow banks of the North Sea.

HongKonger by Jack So

Jack So
Digital artwork
Morley, England

Quail Eggs in Tamarind Sauce by Jade Dinh

Jade Dinh
Quail Eggs in Tamarind Sauce
Acrylics on wood panel
Clearwater, Florida

This painting presents a still-life portrayal of one of my cherished Vietnamese delicacies: delicately nestled in a rich and savory tamarind sauce. Influenced by the techniques of the Impressionist masters, I sought to infuse the color palette and brushstrokes with the profound emotions evoked by this dish, aiming to encapsulate its essence in vibrant hues and expressive strokes.

Bad Painting 116 by Jay Rechsteiner

Jay Rechsteiner
Bad Painting 116: Wealthy trophy-hunters from Europe and North America are posing for a photograph of themselves and a fully-grown captive-bred lion they shot safely from the back of a truck in an enclosed area in South Africa. The lion was drugged to make it easier for the hunters.

Acrylic on canvas
Margate, England

This painting is part of “Bad Painting.” In the raw and unapologetic realm of “Bad Painting,” I confront the harsh realities of our world with a visceral and direct approach. Utilizing acrylic on canvas, these works embrace the immediacy of the medium, allowing for swift expression and the creation of thick, textured layers.

Each stroke is a deliberate confrontation, depicting politically charged events with a boldness that transcends conventional artistic norms. The choice of acrylic paint adds a synthetic quality, emphasizing the artificiality of the medium—a reflection of the often surreal and disconcerting nature of the subjects explored.

Importantly, each “Bad Painting” is not only a visual but also a linguistic entity. The incorporated texts, constructed from various headlines related to specific events, are an integral part of each work. Through this fusion of image and text, I invite viewers to delve not only visually but also linguistically into the deep corners of our collective reality. The “Bad Paintings” stand as a testament to the power of art to disrupt, provoke, and shed light on the darker corners of our collective consciousness.

Behind Cover by Jennifer Rodriguez

Jennifer Rodriguez
Behind Cover
Watercolor on paper
Clearwater, Florida

Bold colors and nature inspire me. A single green Monstera leaf extending across your view. I painted this fast, fun and loose over the course of several days. It hides a whole other world, Behind Cover.

The Glory of Summer by Jerry Fresia

Jerry Fresia
The Glory of Summer
Oil on canvas
Bellagio, Italy

I am an American living in Italy on Lake Como and I have painted in many places throughout the US and Europe. I love painting in warm, if not hot weather, and so you might see me painting in St. Petersburg’s lovely park that stretches along the waterfront, where I have vacationed during February for the past 11 years. And yet, the glory of summer, alive with both rich and subtle color, drenched in the harmony of lake humidity, was most apparent for a few days from my terrace view of the Bay of Venere on Lake Como. Per the Impressionists, I painted this painting during two sessions, in plein-air, somewhat possessed by nature’s seduction. It was, indeed, a manifestation of the glory of summer.

Soothing Lily(ies) by Joan "Johan" Casadiego

Joan “Johan” Casadiego
Soothing Lily(ies)
Oil on board
Brooksville, Florida

Inspired by Monet’s and Dalí’s painting techniques, I wanted to represent the importance of Nature, Water, and Women at the same time. They play an important part in our lives and in creating life. I really believe that it is helpful to remind ourselves often about this in order to have a better future.

Transparencies in Time: by Jose D Trejo Maya

Jose D Trejo Maya
Transparencies in Time: Cuahpohualli
Baldwin Park, California

I am a remnant of the Nahuatlacah oral tradition a tonalpouhque mexica, a commoner from the lowlands (i.e., Mexico) from a time and place that no longer exists. At present, my poetry has been reified as it has been published in the UK, US, India, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Germany, and Venezuela. I have been exhibited in different venues with a work that’s titled Transparencies in Time: Cuahpohualli, embedded in ethnopoetic language poetry. I seek to expand this work into a comprehensive exhibit in a gallery and/or installation in 3D public art sculptures (i.e., three simultaneous monumental works that expand into multiple levels of perception and/or dimensions). In this, the sculptures came from dreams; it’s a refraction of our ancestors so you see a mirror in yourself.

Tome by Kieran Rook

Kieran Rook

Oil paint
Margate, England

In Kieran Rook’s painting, Tome, viewers are invited into a disturbing dream world. Combining exaggerated and disorienting narratives with symbolic iconography, depicting human characters, animals, and hybrid forms in familiar yet imaginary settings, Rook’s deliberate treatment of scale challenges reality, hinting at different time zones or planes of existence.

Within this surreal realm, the painting prompts contemplation of life’s cyclical nature, emphasising the importance of individual desire and perception in shaping our understanding of the world, encouraging viewers to embrace the complexity of their identities.

The artwork’s central metaphor is that of the labyrinth, symbolizing life’s journey and the search for meaning and connection. Signaling this, the work’s title, Tome, suggests a profound exploration of knowledge and experience. The intricate composition evokes introspection and reflection, inviting viewers to navigate the complexities of existence.

Through Tome, Rook creates a visual experience that challenges narratives, encourages self-reflection, and celebrates the complex nature of human desire. As viewers probe into the symbolic labyrinth, they are invited to embark on an exploration of connections to their own place in the world

Twilight by Kimmy O’Brien

Kimmy O’Brien
Acrylic on canvas
Seminole, Florida

I was inspired by the way the horizon sat over the sea during dusk. In that moment, the objects appeared to turn dark and an odd shade of yellow covered the water and sky. Like in Impressionism, I focused less on definition and more on free brush strokes to depict the scene.

First Regatta by Lauren Marshall Weems

Lauren Marshall Weems
First Regatta

Acrylic on canvas
Sarasota, Florida

First Regatta is inspired by the incomparable beauty of sailing in Florida’s bays—this one happens to be of my two son’s first regatta this past December. That particular day Sarasota bay was shining in all her glory—it was a sunny warm but still “crisp” December day. No humidity! The visibility in the bay was luminous, making it appear more green and yellow than normal—almost a glowing lime green, which I loved. Seagrass and happy marine life was visible all through the bay, probably from months of little to no boats and tourists as happens in the fall here. It was a quick painting done on a Friday—one of those happy paintings that comes out nice and easy and I think that good energy is palpable from the painting. Many have asked to purchase it, but I have held onto this one so far.

Lauren Marshall is a fine artist and illustrator. She studied the master’s painting techniques in Paris, creating master copies inside the Louvre, before graduating from Ringling College of Art + Design. She has worked in the creative industry with many brands such as Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart Magazine, Williams Sonoma, Brit + Co, Style Me pretty, and many tech companies while living in Silicone Valley. She now paints daily in her tropical treehouse studio in Siesta Key, FL, where she lives with her husband and two little boys.

Moody Marsh by Leanne Shapka

Leanne Shapka
Moody Marsh
Oil on canvas
Alberta, Canada

A Canadian landscape located near Camrose, Alberta, just after dawn, some fog and smoke from bush fires lent ambient “mood” to this “en plein air” piece. I kept imagining Jonny Depp as The Mad Hatter wandering through with tiny Alice hidden on his top hat brim. So, my artist intention was to portray “more,” a secret story or mystery which all landscapes could tell if they had a voice.

Spring by Libby Mitchell

Libby Mitchell
Oil & gold leaf on canvas
Ross-shire, United Kingdom

Spring was painted with the same colour palette from the perennial boarder of Cadboll House, owned by the Glenmorangie Distillery, where I worked as a contract gardener. Following a miserable winter in the Scottish Highlands, the boarder came alive in spring with vivid Fox Glove, Lupin & Gladiolus.

The Koi Pond by Mark Sinz

Mark Sinz
The Koi Pond
Acrylic on canvas
St. Petersburg, Florida

Each year, I visit an old friend at his family’s summer house in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. In the back of the house is a small koi pond surrounded by trees. From the pond, the lawn and surrounding forest lead down to the lake. I was inspired to paint the pond by the light filtering through the trees onto the pond. While the work is painted en plein air, it includes somewhat magical elements, such as the koi fish who seem aware of the viewer, the floating trees, and the plants that glow with life. The distant boater on the lake establishes the tenuous connection to the real world but also its deeper origins in the imagination. The style is naive to invite the viewer to shed adulthood and see the scene with the eyes of a child. The pond itself is a mirror in the composition, establishing an anchor for the viewer to contemplate the landscape.

Backyard by Maris van Nijhuis

Maris van Nijhuis

Oil on canvas
Singapore, Singapore

This artwork is an oil painting of the backyard at my parental home in the Netherlands. I created this work with the use of only a kitchen knife. This backyard is a small haven of peaceful green and flowers, especially in springtime. My parents thoroughly enjoy their garden and love maintaining it. For me, it is a symbol of home and a place full of childhood memories.

South Lido Afternoon by Matteo Caloiaro

Matteo Caloiaro
South Lido Afternoon
Sarasota, Florida

I love to paint outdoors, and I never get sick of painting the effects of sunlight on the landscape. I think I owe a lot of my love of landscape to the impressionists—both French and Russian. I also love the abstract shapes that happen in the landscape. While there is still structure to these organic forms, a lot of liberties can be taken with the space.

Three Ships by Melanie Jones

Melanie Jones
Three Ships
Clearwater Beach, Florida

Three boats with parent and 2 children sail into a red sunset.

Big Bend Power Station by Nicholas Russell

Nicholas Russell
Big Bend Power Station
Seymour, Tennessee

I’m fascinated by the juxtaposition of industry and nature. In this painting, the calm water provides a sanctuary for its inhabitants, and the massive power plant overpowers the landscape.

Spring Poppies by Nicole Dewberry

Nicole Dewberry
Spring Poppies
Acrylic on canvas
Jacksonville, Florida

I spend most of my days walking around the beautiful and historic gardens at my job. In the most recent winter planting, the gardeners decided to plant these beautiful poppies of vivid red, delicate pink, and peachy orange. Poppies are a rare thing to see growing here in Florida due to the heat and unpredictable weather, so I knew I had to capture their beauty in the warm spring lighting! I have always been in love with the natural beauty that flowers give us in everyday life.

Windows by Sarah Bahrani

Sarah Bahrani

Khorramshar, Iran

My work is about music and the atmosphere of everyday life, the Impressionist world, where the colors, light and calm layers are intertwined in the modern atmosphere and Surrealism of my life.

Deepness In The Inferno by Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart
Deepness in the Inferno
Paint on canvas
Phaeton Place, Indiana

Years of health problems has lead me to feel I have walked through Hell and back. The bright colors represent the pain, sorrow, joy and reality of my journey to find proper treatment and care. How far I have come and the true feeling of living in a nightmare.

The Safana by Sio Jaya

Sio Jaya
The Safana
Acrylic and pencil on linen
Bandung, Indonesia

This work is inspired by tree stumps and salmon, both of which have similarities in terms of resilience and survival. As we know, there are several tree philosophies, which when they are still standing upright and with sturdy twigs and branches, can protect humans and nature through the thick and thick leaves, as well as salmon. In order to reproduce, they struggle to cross the ocean to get to the river by fighting against the strong current.

Corner Shop on Friday Night by Stacy Lovejoy

Stacy Lovejoy
Corner Shop on Friday Night
Acrylic on canvas
Tampa, Florida

Corner Shop on Friday Night 24” is a part of The Transmigration series that delves into everyday life scenarios following a global-scale reincarnation, where humanity returns to Earth as plants. In this utopian world of harmonious coexistence, people express freedom and safety without being divided by race, culture, origin, gender, or lifestyle.

Let’s grab some snacks and watch TV. Let’s pretend we are real people. Let’s pretend we are normal. Let’s forget about the problems. Let’s escape from everyday routine. Let’s just hold our hands and feel each other’s energy as if we were here for real. Let’s not pretend actually…let’s just be real forever from now on.

Lincoln Peering Through the Membrane of Time Into the Future He Tried to Prevent by Stephan "VonFiat" Puhalla

Stephan “VonFiat” Puhalla
Lincoln Peering Through the Membrane of Time Into the Future He Tried to Prevent

Oil on wood
St. Petersburg, Florida

My inspiration for this painting is President Lincoln. During his time in office, he faced many challenges, including a deeply divided nation as memorialized in his famous “House Divided” speech.

This was a painting that demanded to be painted and flowed through with its message that echoes through the ages with great relevance today. I felt the Impressionists style would best convey the depth of meaning in this painting. For me, it’s mysteriousness bears a kinship with Lincoln and Dalívision.

On Ponds Edge by Sloane Keats

Sloane Keats
On Ponds Edge
St. Johns County, Florida

Original oil painting on aluminum panel with gold plein air frame. Created on location at the Japanese Gardens in Jacksonville Zoo Florida. Inspired by the old masters and the beautiful landscape at the zoo. Sloane Keats has extended the plein air painting right onto the frame, filling the surface aluminum panel but leaving a small portion to show thru giving a modern unique element of light dancing in the negative space. Using fauvist colors and thick bold strokes makes this a one of a kind original, you might says Sloane Keats is painting outside the lines.

Lake Mirror by Shirin Moghadasi

Shirin Moghadasi
Lake Mirror
Lakeland, Florida

Inspired by the beauty of water lilies in Lake Mirror at Lakeland.

Lily Lovely by Tiffany Greene

Tiffany Greene
Lily Lovely
Digital photography
Longmeadow, Massachusetts

I took this on a hot and humid New England summer day at a pond in South Hadley Massachusetts at Mount Holyoke College, a favorite place to visit and be with nature. I liked the image “out of the box,” but my mind’s eye saw a Monet painting. The color combination of pink and green worked perfectly for Monet inspiration. I used a painting tool to convert the image to an impressionistic look, carefully finding the balance between structure (or lack of), depth, color and texture. I tried about 25 combinations before selecting this final image. I hope you enjoy it.

Wander by Vanda Hughes

Vanda Hughes

Oil on canvas
St. Petersburg, Florida

This is a painting of a trail on the lush grounds of Boyd Hill Nature Park.

A Hummingbird Moment by Vanessa Montenegro

Vanessa Montenegro
A Hummingbird Moment
Soft pastel
Tampa, Florida

When I started this painting, I had no plan in mind. I just wanted to use a light blue Panpastel that had fallen on the floor. So, I decided to trust the process and let things flow. As I painted and added colors to the paper, I looked up and saw a hummingbird flying in front of me. Its presence was awe-inspiring. In honor of that moment, I added the hummingbird to the painting and transformed it into an energetic piece of art. Sometimes, you just have to trust your instincts and enjoy the creative process!

Music in the body by Viktoriya Shevtsova

Viktoriya Shevtsova
Music in the body
Miami, Florida

Everybody has music in their DNA and bodies respond to all of the music and even all the sounds that accompany daily life. Music is the art and our body is the inspiration.

Water falls by Yu Chiao Longenecker

Yu Chiao Longenecker
Water falls
Ashburn, Virginia

To have a fun day trip.