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Flavors of Spain: Photos by Chef Chuck Bandel, Café Gala

Chuck Bandel photos of a dessert creation and northern Spain

Flavors of Spain: Photos by Chef Chuck Bandel, Café Gala

2019 31 Aug
2019 01 Dec

Flavors of Spain: Photos by Chef Chuck Bandel, Café Gala

August 31, 2019 – December 1, 2019

The Dalí Museum presents an exhibition featuring food photography and behind-the-scenes looks at restaurant life by Café Gala Chef Chuck Bandel. Bandel’s trips to northern Spain in the summers of 2017 and 2018 allowed him to study in Catalonia at Chef Paco Pérez’s 2 Michelin star restaurant, Miramar, and in the outskirts of the Basque town of San Sebastian at the Restaurante Martin Berasategui.

From his time at these two restaurants, Bandel refined the simplicity of his Café Gala dishes, focusing on the essence of his flavors and textures. Chef Bandel’s accomplished photos from his time in Spain pay homage to images of Dalí’s homeland, the kitchen staff of the two restaurants, and a sampling of the inspired dishes prepared at those restaurants.

For Bandel, “Every dish I do is directly inspired from my time in Spain, either from an ingredient, a technique, a feeling, or a place.”

There is no admission fee to view this exhibit of food photography in the Museum’s Raymond James Community Room, where hours are subject to change. Learn more about Café Gala and its inspired menu here. See more of Bandel’s photos on his Instagram.

Please join us as we to celebrate Chuck Bandel’s photography from his time spent in the kitchens of Catalan and the Basque Region, and enjoy his culinary artistry with food and beverages in the Museum’s Café Gala.


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