Dream Tapestry

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The Dalí’s Dream Tapestry taps into the phenomenon of dreams using DALL·E, a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, to transform personal dreams into artistic visions. We all have deeply personal dreams—unique and irrefutable. Yet they are transient, and until now, we could not instantly manifest those dreams into a tangible vision nor share their splendor.

After entering a description of your dream on your mobile phone, your one-of-a-kind Dream Image will be created. It will then be connected with those of the previous Museum visitors to create a collective Dream Tapestry. The result is a dynamic, ever-evolving dream of humanity, presented by Dalí Museum visitors.

Dream Tapestry was developed by The Dalí in collaboration with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, with creative concepting by Minds Over Matter and OpenAI, the creator of the text-to-image AI system, DALL·E, named in part as a nod to the iconic artist, Salvador Dalí.

The experience continues to claim prestigious awards for AI innovation, including two Webby Awards, two Cubes at the ADC Awards, a Best in Show ADDY Award and a Tampa Bay Tech Award. Available only at The Dalí, Museum guests may view and share both their individual Dream Image and the collective Dream Tapestry.