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Fashion Design at The Dalí Student Exhibit at Florida CraftArt

  • This event has passed.

February 28 @ 5:00pm March 17 @ 5:30pm

Get an up-close look at winning designs from this year’s Fashion Design at The Dalí program on display at Florida CraftArt. If you’d like to read more about the students and the inspiration behind their work before visiting the gallery, see the online exhibit.

About the program

Fashion Design at The Dalí is a free program that allows artistically inclined high school students from the Tampa Bay area to learn the fundamentals of design, construction and runway presentation from experienced artists and designers. Through nontraditional materials, students are invited to think creatively to produce wearable works of art that translate from sketch to runway. In this year’s program, students explored the theme “Eleg-ants: Designs from Dalí’s Animal Kingdom” and created designs based on the animal symbols in Dalí’s artwork. Animals have long held individual meaning in art historical canon, and Dalí successfully ascribed his own meaning to several mammals, insects and sea creatures.