Several people enjoy the Dalí Alive 360 Exhibit in the brand new immersive Dalí Dome

Dalí Alive 360° FAQs

What can I expect when I go to Dalí Alive 360°?

Dalí Alive 360° explores the mesmerizing world of Salvador Dali in The Dalí Dome. It is a multi-sensory, immersive art experience that unveils the journey of one of history’s greatest artists. The show lasts approximately 40 minutes and includes cinema-quality surround sound, fluctuating light levels and 360-degree projection-mapped large-scale moving images on the floor, walls and nearly to the top of the 60’ dome structure. You may take photos and videos. We look forward to welcoming you and anticipate you’ll love it!

Does Dalí Alive 360˚ cost extra? Are tickets available onsite or online?

Dalí Alive 360˚ is an additional $15 to the Gallery Admission price and can be purchased in advance here. Timed tickets are required; advance tickets recommended. Onsite tickets are available during Museum operating hours as space allows.

Online tickets are typically available 30 days in advance. All ticket sales are final—no exchanges or refunds.

How does it differ from the traveling show?

Dalí Alive 360° has been customized specifically for The Dalí Dome. This unique geodesic structure stands 60’ tall and every element of the original production was recalibrated for this monumental space, but the nature of the show remains.

Is there seating?

Yes, there is ample seating available, but we encourage you to move around and get comfortable; you may also sit on the floor.

How long is Dalí Alive 360˚?

Dalí Alive 360° is approximately a 40-minute experience. We recommend arriving with plenty of time to park, check in and head to the Dome entrance ~5 minutes before your showtime.

Are strollers allowed?

Strollers are permissible and must be 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long or smaller. Stroller wagons will not be permitted.

Is the experience accessible?

The Dalí Dome is ADA Accessible; wheelchairs, walkers and mobility scooters are permitted. The Museum offers a limited number of wheelchairs for public use. Those wishing to use a courtesy wheelchair can make a request at the Admissions Desk or at the Information Station upon arrival. Courtesy wheelchairs and walkers are available on a first come, first serve basis. Dalí Alive 360° contains simulations, such as flashing lights, which may affect people who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other visual and motion sensitivities. Viewer discretion is advised.