Chess at The Dalí

March 29, 2018

In conjunction with our Dali/Duchamp special exhibition, we invite you to Games at The Dalí. On select Thursdays during the exhibit (February 10 – May 27), we celebrate the game playing (and gamesmanship) of Dalí and Duchamp, artistic giants and friends who shared a mutual influence, despite many superficial and aesthetic differences. From strategic chess moves to diversions of alter ego creation, these two iconoclasts engaged the world in ways both playful and thoughtful, irreverent and important.

Jennifer Shahade: Duchamp through the 64-Square Looking Glass
We invite you to join us for a fascinating talk about Duchamp and the art of chess from Woman Grandmaster, Jennifer Shahade, who will talk about Dalí and Duchamp’s chess connection, explore highlights of Marcel Duchamp’s chess career, while showing some of her own collaborative projects inspired by Duchamp, such as Roulette Chess, Naked Chess and Hula Chess. learn more

Surreal Simul Chess
In honor of Duchamp’s affinity for chess, The Dalí is hosting a chess night, during which three chess champions will each play up to 20 people at one time. For an entry fee of $5, you can play against the best:

Antony Gospodinov– 11-year-old, two-time Florida State Champion for Scholastic Chess and two-time National Champion
Corey Acor– Chess Master, founder of Acor Chess Academy, Florida Speed Chess Champion of 2017 and National Chess Champion
Jennifer Shahade– Woman Grandmaster, two-time United States Women’s Champion and board member of the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis learn more

Open Chess
Drop in to observe ranked Tampa Bay area chess players battle it out on the chess board throughout the day. Additional chess boards will be available for visitors to play spontaneous games as well. Members of the St. Petersburg Chess Club, Acor Chess Academy coaches and other area chess club members will be available to coach and answer questions about the game of chess. learn more

Surrealist Object, Chess Set, c.1985, 32 pieces cast in polished light bronze and antique dark bronze. The Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida; Gift of Larry D. Evans, Barclay Gallery. Photo © Joséph Siciliano USA, 2017