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November 21, 2020 – June 13, 2021

Experience Vincent van Gogh’s works in an immersive art installation that opens a new window into the celebrated painter’s artistic genius. From his famous “Starry Night” to his radiant “Sunflowers,” Van Gogh’s vibrant work invites viewers to revel in color, light and sound. Visitors will feel the sensation of walking right into Van Gogh’s paintings – an experience that is both educational and inspiring. Read what visitors have said about this special exhibition:

“it transported me into another world. i felt like i was living a dream”

“it was a fascinating new way to look at art and really feel what the artist may have been feeling at times”

“being immersed in the art of van gogh is a joy that will stay with me”

The exhibition features more than 3,000 Van Gogh images at enormous scale, viewed through high-definition projectors and synchronized to a powerful classical score. Cinema-quality surround-sound amplifies the emotion generated by the works themselves. In addition to the iconic works featured, visitors can examine Van Gogh’s inspiration via photographs and video displayed alongside them. The installation is powered by SENSORY4™, a unique system developed by Grande Experiences of Melbourne, Australia.

The Dalí is the first North American venue to host this mesmerizing version of Van Gogh Alive. The Dalí’s presentation of this experience builds on the Museum’s commitment to artistic innovation, inviting visitors to experience another provocative artist in an entirely new, entirely accessible and entirely transformative way.

Van Gogh Alive is a multisensory art experience that involves high-level cinema-quality sound, large scale moving images, theater level lighting and at times loud abrupt sounds.

As a safety precaution, strollers are not allowed in this special exhibit. Stroller parking is available near the entrance to the exhibit.

This exhibition has been created by Grande Experiences.

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Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture (Section n286.25, Florida Statutes).