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School Tours FAQ

School Tours FAQ

May I request more than one time slot?

Yes, you may request as many time slots as necessary to accommodate your group. However, the same students may not occupy more than one time slot to allow for more time in the galleries.

How long will our visit last?

Free K-12 School Field Trip
Reservations include a 1-hour tour of the permanent collection, with no additional time in the galleries. However, these groups may visit the first floor cafe, store, and gardens for any amount of time.

Customized Field Trip
Reservations have unlimited time to explore the galleries, as well as the first floor cafe, store, and gardens.

How many chaperones do I need?

Groups with visitors under the age of 18, or visiting with students of a K-12 school are required to have a chaperone ratio of 1:10 at minimum. All school groups receive one complimentary chaperone per 10 students. Admission for additional chaperones is $23.00 per person.

For special needs student groups please email for more information.

Can I add more time/access to the special exhibition to my Free K-12 School Field Trip?

Yes, we currently offer the Upgrade Experience. Groups with a reservation for the Free K-12 School Field Trip may add unlimited time in the galleries following their docent tour, as well as access the special exhibition for a fee of $12.00 per student.

May I have a docent tour with the Customized Field Trip?

No. Docents are only available for the Free K-12 School Field Trip. In place of a docent tour, audio guides are provided for all students visiting as part of a Customized Field Trip.

What are we allowed to bring inside the Museum?

Notebooks, pencils, cameras, and cellphones are welcome in the museum, during your tour. Please ensure all cellphones are silenced and all camera flashes have been disabled.
Please note: Backpacks, purses, lunch boxes, camera bags, shopping bags and totes are not permitted in the museum. These items should remain on the bus or in private vehicles.

What if I need to change my reservation date and/or arrival time?

Changes to reservation date and arrival time can be made directly with the scheduling office at 727.623.4731. Free K-12 School Field Trip reservations may be changed one time, after which no further changes may be made (cancellation may be necessary). Customized Field Trips may be changed as many times as necessary, after a deposit has been provided.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Please contact the scheduling office as soon as possible at 727.623.4731 or email

Free K-12 School Field Trip
Reservations require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to cancel a reservation. Reservations cancelled with less than the required advance notice may not be eligible for the Free K-12 program for the following school year. Schools that reserve more than one time slot, and whose student count drops drastically less than 2 weeks prior to their reservation, may be counted as a cancellation.

Customized Field Trip
Reservations require a minimum of 2 days notice to cancel a reservation and are still eligible to receive a deposit refund. Reservations cancelled with less than the required advanced notice, forfeit the deposit.

Do you offer refunds for fewer students?

Refunds for fewer students may be given until 48 hours prior, after which time refunds may no longer be made.

Can I add more students upon arrival?

We can add up to 2 students for the Free K-12 School Field Trip, and up to 5 students for the Customized Field Trip, on the day of your reservation.

Can students sketch in the galleries?

Students visiting as part of a Customized Field Trip are welcome to sketch in the galleries.
Please note: Sitting on the floors is not permitted in the galleries.

Can I pre-purchase lunches from Cafe Gala?

Yes. A menu of boxed lunch options available from Cafe Gala can be found here. Lunches must be purchased directly through Cafe Gala. We do not offer a Tour & Lunch package at this time.

Where may students eat their lunches?

Students are welcome to enjoy their lunches in two place near The Museum. The plaza area between The Dali Museum and The Mahaffey Theater has a large green area, with benches located around the plaza and under shade trees. The Albert Whitted Park across Dali Blvd is located on the water and offers beautiful views of Tampa Bay.
Please Note: Outside food is not permitted within the museum cafe or the Avant-gardens.

Where may the buses and/or cars park?

There are currently two bus parking spaces in The Dali Museum lot, which are free on a first-come, first-served basis. The Mahaffey Theater may allow for additional buses in their parking garage based on availability. Parking in The Mahaffey garage is free for school buses and $25.00 for Private/Charter buses.

Private Vehicles are subject to a $10.00 parking fee in The Dali Museum lot.

May the students do the Virtual Reality experience?

Free K-12 School Field Trip
Reservations are not afforded any additional time in the galleries following their tour, and therefore would not have time to partake in the Dreams of Dali virtual reality experience.

Customized Field Trip
Reservations are afforded unlimited time in the galleries and may partake in the Dreams of Dali virtual reality experience, provided the students meet the minimum requirements and are able to obtain a ticket.

Please note:Dreams of Dali Requirements

o Age is 13 years or older

o The Oculus Rift headset must fit securely without additional support

o Eyeglasses cannot be worn under the Oculus Rift headset


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