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The Dalí on the “Fly” Art Mobile

The Dalí on the “Fly” Art Mobile

Dalí  on the “Fly” Art Mobile Exterior

Dalí on the “Fly” Art Mobile Exterior

The Dalí on the “Fly” Art Mobile was created for elementary school art students as an introduction to The Dalí Museum in partnership with Pinellas County School Board.

Interior Exhibit: Inspired by Dreams, Math and Science

Interior Exhibit: Inspired by Dreams, Math and Science

The Dalí on the “Fly” Art Mobile features an array of painting reproductions, 3-D objects, and an orientation film, for students to explore the world of Salvador Dalí.

The Dalí on the “Fly” Art Mobile …

  • is a themed, mobile classroom traveling trailer which draws connections between the artist Salvador Dalí and the worlds of math, science and dreams, from which he drew inspiration for his art.
  • will visit all 88 Pinellas County (FL) elementary schools and exceptional student centers over a four-year period.
  • will be seen by over 45,000 students, kindergarten through 5th grade.
  • is a collaborative project of the Pinellas County School Board and The Dalí Museum.
  • is designed as an introduction to museum culture, using a standards-based curriculum, aligning with the Pinellas County Elementary Art Educators’ learning goals.
  • is only available at Pinellas County public elementary schools, and cannot be reserved or requested at other locations.

Why The “Fly”?
Inspired by Salvador Dalí’s obsession with verbal puns and visual plays on words, we encourage teachers and students to explore The Dalí on the “Fly” Art Mobile through the many and varied views from a fly’s eye. Dalí was intrigued by the parabolic design of the fly eye and the perspective that this inspires in viewing the world. The fly is a symbol of the multiple ways of seeing. The gadfly is also an iconic symbol in Spanish history and culture. The gadfly appears in many of Dalí’s paintings and references a Spanish Catalan folk legend about Saint Narciso. In this legend, on three occasions gadflies emerge from the tomb of St. Narciso to drive away French invaders. Dalí used this myth to underline the Catalan people’s strength against foreign influence and to express his patriotic devotion to his homeland’s independence.

Teacher Training Materials

Dalí Museum Gallery Tour with the Curator of Education

Watch Now

Dalí on the “Fly” Orientation Film

Watch Now

Dalí on the “Fly” (Closed-Captioned)


Art Mobile TV/Monitor Instructions


Pre-visit Vocabulary


Dalí Museum Vocabulary


Teacher Orientation Notes


PowerPoint: Dalí on the “Fly”

Take Survey

Teacher Response Survey

Please submit completed Response Survey within two weeks of Art Mobile visit and receive 2 complimentary Dalí Museum admissions tickets. Only PCSB Art Teachers visiting The Dalí Art Mobile are able to receive redemption tickets.

Thank you to our sponsors and everyone involved in the process of creating this inspiring mobile Dalí Museum and to the art teachers who will bring the experience to life for thousands of elementary art students!

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If someday I may die, though it is unlikely, I hope the people in the cafés will say, ‘Dalí has died, but not entirely.’ – Salvador Dalí