Dali Museum Building, Daytime

The Plague Letters: A Dramatic Reading

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October 29 @ 6:00pm 6:30pm

Join us on YouTube for this special streaming event. Starring Ned Averill-Snell, Larry Alexander, and Roxanne Fay, this dramatic performance of The Plague Letters follows three letters that trace the impacts of contagion, ignorance and fear over our history—from the Black Plague to AIDS to COVID-19.

Written in triple narrative and illustrated by artwork made in times of crisis, The Plague Letters reveal the striking similarities surrounding catastrophic outbreaks of disease and the all too human responses to them.

The Plague Letters is Roxanne Fay’s latest venture for The Dalí Museum, following the film “Breton And The Muse,” which she created for Midnight In Paris: 1929 last year.