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film club: pleasantville

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May 5 @ 6:00pm 7:00pm


In conjunction with our special exhibit, Picasso and the Allure of the South, we are hosting a series of film conversations focusing on movies that highlight the power of place. This month’s film is Pleasantville (1998).

It works like this: We assign a movie that is available at a low cost or free on one or more digital platforms; we provide you with some questions to get you thinking as you watch the film; we all watch the film on our own; and then we meet virtually for a Zoom conversation facilitated by a Dalí Museum staff member. This conversation will be curated by our Membership Manager, Megan Moyer.

Pleasantville (1998) follows the story of 1990’s teenage siblings who find themselves trapped in a 1950’s sitcom where everything is seemingly perfect and pleasant. The teen’s influence begins to profoundly change this complacent world; bringing repression towards enlightenment. You can find the film on the following platforms for $2.99 through Amazon PrimeVuduGoogle Play and FREE on Youtube.

This event is free to all. Registration is required. Only one registration is required per email/device that you will be tuning in from.

To prepare for the discussion, please refer to the following thought starters:

  1. Is the film Pleasantville an accurate portrayal of life in 1950’s America?
  2. What evidence did you see of 1950’s conformity?
  3. Why was the unfamiliar threatening to some people in Pleasantville?
  4. What are the roles that men and women play both socially and economically in the film? What is the difference between the two settings?
  5. What cosmetic details did you notice about the 1950’s setting vs. the 1990’s?
  6. How do the main characters develop between the two settings?
  7. Name a few instances in the film where a change occurred that affected a characters sense of place or space.
  8. What are the pros and cons of the Utopian society portrayed in Pleasantville?
  9. Do the themes and symbols utilized in the film still resonate today?
  10. What does the film feature that touches on The Dalí currently?