Film roll with shadows

Film Club: Boundary-breaking Women

August 5, 2021 @ 6:00pm 7:00pm

i, tonya

In conjunction with our special exhibition, The Woman Who Broke Boundaries: Photographer Lee Miller, we will be hosting a series of film conversations focusing on movies that highlight women who break traditional boundaries.

It works like this: We assign a movie that is available at a low cost or free on one or more digital platforms; we provide you with some questions to get you thinking as you watch the film; we all watch the film on our own; and then we meet virtually for a Zoom conversation facilitated by a Dali staff member.

The second film in this new series will be I, Tonya, and the conversation will be curated by our Volunteer Coordinator, Simone Crawley. You can find the film on the following platforms: Showtime (free for subscribers; free 30-day trial subscription available), Hulu (free for subscribers with Showtime Add-On; free one-week trial available), or Amazon Prime (free for subscribers with Showtime Add-On; 99 cents/month for two-month trial available).

This event is free to all. Registration is required. Only one registration is required per email/device that you will be tuning in from.

To prepare for the discussion, please refer to the following thought starters:

  1. When you finished the film, how did you feel? Were you left questioning or did you feel secure in your opinions/take-aways?
  2. If you had a chance to ask a character in this film a question, what would it be?
  3. What was the strongest emotion that you felt while viewing the film?
  4. Were you aware of this story prior to watching the film? If so, did watching the film change your previous perspective? How so?
  5. Did any of the characters of this film make you feel angry? Why so?
  6. To what extent do you feel that the film glamourized Tonya Harding’s story? Did the film feel genuine and/or close to reality?
  7. Is the point of view from which the story is told the best choice that the film makers could have made? Why so?
  8. Do you believe that the film depicts Tonya as innocent? Is the film looking to persuade the audience?
  9. What part of the story told by the film felt the most powerful, and why?
  10. Does the scandal and drama surrounding Tonya’s story diminish or strengthen her role as a “boundary-breaking woman”?