Black and white photograph of Aimé Césaire with poetic text

Coffee with a Curator

November 3, 2021 @ 10:30am 11:30am

Aimé Césaire: From Cahier to A Season in Congo, and beyond…

Join us for this installment of our Coffee with a Curator series, where Museum Staff or invited guests speak on a range of Dalí-inspired topics.

In conjunction with our special exhibition, Aimé Césaire: Poetry, Surrealism and Négritude, we invite you to enjoy a lecture from guest speaker Dr. Kersuze Simeon-Jones. Aimé Césaire’s multifaceted contribution to poetry, theater, as well as to historical and political writings, traverses through the continents of our world. His body of work influenced his contemporaries and succeeding generations, well into the twenty-first century. This talk will examine Césaire as an influential figure in the arts and contemporary intellectualism; it will draw attention to the energy Césaire brought to the Négritude movement—from the literary inception of the movement in 1939—to the global historical awakenings of the 1960s and beyond.

Location: The Dalí Museum’s Will Raymund Theater (registration required) or live on YouTube (link below)

Register to attend in person at the link below. This event is free, with limited capacity. An event ticket is required for entry. Gallery access is not included.

To watch the live stream from home, click below at the time of the program:

Portrait image of Dr.Kersuze Simeon-Jones

Dr. Kersuze Simeon-Jones, Associate Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies

Kersuze Simeon-Jones is Associate Professor in the School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, at the University of South Florida.  Dr. Simeon-Jones received her PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (History and Literature of the Black Diaspora) from the University of Miami, Coral Gables.  She completed her B.A. and M.A. in French Literature and Philosophy, and Francophone Studies at Rutgers University, with a Minor in Spanish Language and Literature. Her research and teaching interests include Intellectual History and Sociopolitical Movements of the African Diaspora, Haiti’s National History; Women History within the African/Black Diaspora.  She has published numerous articles (in English and in French); she has published monographs, book chapters, and encyclopedic entries.  Her body of work include: “The Négritude Philosophy and the Movement,” Blackwell Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies; “Masculinity in Hurston’s Texts,” The Inside Light: New Critical Essays on Zora Neale Hurston (Praeger Books); “Démences, Psychoses et Liberté Psychique dans Le Cri de l’oiseau rouge,” Ecrits d’Haïti: Perspectives sur la littérature haïtienne contemporaine, (Editions Karthala); The Intellectual Roots of Contemporary Black Thought (Routledge), and Literary and Sociopolitical Writings of the Black Diaspora in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Lexington Books).