Visitors snap photos of dream tapestries in museum gallery

Dream Tapestry Experience

The Dalí’s Dream Tapestry, part of The Shape of Dreams special exhibition, continues the Museum’s commitment to engaging visitors through educational art experiences that blend art and technology. The experience, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) never before used in a museum, turns a dream into a work of art – both individually and collectively with others. Read what visitors have said about this experience:

“I left feeling like I could connect to my own dream world”

“Dream Tapestry was a stunning use of modern technology”

“…a wonderfully rich experience for all: from my 84-year old mother to my 11-year old daughter”

Dream Tapestry was developed by The Dalí in collaboration with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, with creative concepting by Minds Over Matter, and OpenAI – the creator of the text-to-image AI system, DALL·E, which was named in part as a nod to the iconic artist, Salvador Dalí.

To transform personal dreams into painterly visions, the Dream Tapestry begins by asking guests to describe a recent, recurring or favorite dream. Through the advanced AI technology, which uses each visitor’s written input, personal dreams are revealed as individualized art pieces. Every few minutes the Museum’s on-site experience seamlessly connects each of these personal dreams into a one-of-a-kind collective dream tapestry, displayed on a 12-foot screen on The Dalí’s gallery walls.

Available only at The Dalí, Museum guests may view and download both their individual dream image and the collective dream tapestry. Additionally, a gallery of each dream created in real-time is available through the link below. The result is a dynamic and ever-evolving dream of humanity, presented by Dalí Museum visitors.

As with any digital experience, Dream Tapestry may temporarily be down at times for maintenance depending on usage, internet and technical status of the third party AI platform.