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The Dali Dozen 2017 (fka 12 Days of Dali Artists)

The Dali Dozen 2017 (fka 12 Days of Dali Artists)

Meet the 12 exhibitors the Zodiac Committee has selected for The Dali Dozen (fka 12 Days of Dali) Membership Event this year, and see pictures from last year’s event.

Anne Andersson
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, SuzAnna Lyons

Anne Andersson’s realistic life-size animals are made using Sisal fibers extracted from the Agave plant; sculpted clay is used for their noses and hand-painted fired glass for their eyes. It is a combination of unique materials and remarkable artistic vision that brings these sculptures to life. The animal sculptures Andersson creates — with an actual technique never fully revealed — combine her talents in painting and weaving with her attention to the smallest, most telling detail.

Billy Werk
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Diane Kulp

Billy Werk has a huge passion for art. Born in New Jersey, the love for graffiti was in his blood. He started his artistic career as a Master Barber. With that, Werk grew a large art following. His artwork is 100% customized, and his muses range from canvas to wood and beyond. He has an urban, coastal influence, and it shines throughout his work. A natural God given talent evolved from a hobby, and later blessed him in his career as one of the most sought out barbers and acrylic artists in the Tampa Bay area.

Doug D’souza
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Diana Enyedi

Born in Mumbai, India, Doug D’souza parlays his childhood love of dismantling objects and recreating them into modern-day artifacts with old world charm. He fuses his native roots with contemporary technology and craftsmanship to create unique jewelry designs, as identifiable as his thumbprint. A self-taught artist, Doug’s knowledge in engineering mechanics, graphic design and metal sculpting energizes his creative process, integrating his past life experience into the present. He is inspired by industrial design, architecture, culture, spirituality, and all things rustic and organic.

Emily Tan
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Marysia Lopez

Emily Tan is intrigued by the formation of art. She is interested in the indescribable; Being a performance process artist, she reveals the truth of her work in each piece. She has learned to accept each piece for what it becomes. Her colors are inspired by nature, energy fields, and her own personal discord and freedom. The creation of her work is the purest form of human expression. Paint is her medium and natural forces set her boundaries. She has an experimental attitude towards her work that makes each pour precious yet inconsequential.

Eric Roeske
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Frances Recheungel

Eric Roeske, certified welder since 1982, has fashioned neon works of art for over 20 years. As the owner of Adept Neon Mfg., Roeske has worked with an eclectic range of clientele ranging from surf shops to Target. His most recent showing took place over the summer at the Sharpie Art Gallery. Though Roeske collaborates with artists, he doesn’t consider himself an artist, preferring instead to be called a “neon mechanic.”

Eric Wilson
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Shandi Lancaster

Eric Wilson is a self-taught American contemporary artist born in Panama City, Florida. After the military, he relocated to Tampa where his studio is based and exhibits his work. He is proficient in realist portraiture and figurative painting, and exhibits a wide breadth in impressionism, landscapes, abstract, perspective drawing, and pop art.

Jerry Cahill
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Jim Nixon

Jerry Cahill is an artist from St. Petersburg, Florida. He is a graduate of the visual arts program at The Pinellas County Center for the Arts magnet through Gibbs High School. Since then, Jerry has been traveling to music and art festivals mostly on the east coast of the US to display his art in pop up galleries and live paint to live music. These high energy environments have influenced his loud and colorful style. His focus is now shifting to studio pieces and street murals, with an intent to display in St. Petersburg. This year he has been featured in a number of art shows and is actively seeking opportunities in St. Petersburg.

Kathy Fortner
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Tyco Welch

Ever since Kathy said ”I Do’’, her passion for confectionery art has grown into “Happily ever after”. Inspired to make her own cake and desserts for her 2009 wedding, Kathy studied confectionery arts through the Wilton method of cake decorating at the local craft store. That early taste of success fed the appetite of her creative side, and the Clearwater resident threw herself into baking, sculpting and decorating all matters of confections, from large cakes to delicate treats. Today, inspired by everything ordinary to extraordinary, Kathy has emerged as a sort of pop culture cake pop queen.

Kelly Aldridge
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Jon Smith

Kelly Aldridge lives and works in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her paintings are high impact texture with a sense of glamour and edge. She is mostly influenced by bold textures and high contrast details. Her style is oversized/statement pieces that create a powerful draw to each space. Her use of texture with heavy bold tones creates works that are stylish and edgy. She has a love for black and white, pearlescent metallics and bright contrasting color. Kelly has been a model since the age of 19 and she likes to combine her industry experience with her artistic passion.

Kirsten Ruginski
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Marie Dillon Jones

Kirsten Ruginski is an analog photographer working in the St. Petersburg area. She specializes in non-silver processes, darkroom photography, and pushing the standards of mixed media. She challenges the relevancy of analog photography in our hyper-digital era, while paying homage to traditional women’s crafts. Kirsten creates mixed media pieces, stitching her pristine darkroom prints and reproductions, printing images on upcycled wood shingles, making earrings out of history of photography slides, collage work, and more. She tries to save every roll of expired film she finds, and is always working on ways to preserve film photography. She received her B.A. in Visual Art from Eckerd College in 2014, and has worked at Florida CraftArt Gallery, Eckerd College, and the Museum of Fine Art in St. Petersburg, FL.

Lina Teixeira
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, George Medeiros

Lina Teixeira is a master of multitasking. She is a busy mom of two, business owner, published author, concept shoot director and is a very passionate Wearable Art Designer. She loves turning the everyday mundane in to beautiful forms of Wearable Art. She has been featured in several local and international magazines, Blogs and newspapers. Lina’s Wearable Art has also been featured on Studio 10, Fox 13 and as well as The Mahaffey Theater, Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, The Lens Project, Art Alliance of St. Petersburg, Dunedin Art Center, and Florida CraftArt Center as well as Studio 620. She was the opening designer at the Atlantic City Fashion week and closed for Brooklyn Fashion Week. She has received several awards including best couture designer at Atlantic City Fashion week, the Best of Tampa Bay Creative Loafing Award and The Clearwater Momentum Award.

Mark Gagnon
Sponsored by Dali Museum Zodiac Member, Brett Holden

For 20+ years, TheArtistMSG has been creating abstract artwork to stimulate the eye, and challenge the mind. His black and white ArtMazes are tight and focused, while his acrylics are loose and filled with movement, color, and light. Achieving abstract and surreal effects through stream-of consciousness experimentation, trial and error, and a no-edit approach, he has continued to evolve as an Artist. Intent on creating a positive viewing experience, TheArtistMSG’s work is often interactive.

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