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Exhibits + Collection

Enchanted Beach with Three Fluid Graces

Date: 1938
Material Used: Oil on canvas
Size: 25 5/8 x 32 inches

This title refers to the Greek myth of the three Graces who represent beauty, charm, and joy. Yet, the inclusion of the rod and string suggests another Greek myth – the Three Fates. Known as the Moirae, the Three Fates control the thread of life of every mortal from birth through death. The Fate on the right holds a long spindle to weave the thread of life, the central Fate measures the life span, and the Fate on the left decides one’s death by cutting the thread.

In this landscape, modeled after Dali’s rocky homeland, nature transforms and comes alive.The head of the figure on the right is defined by an arched rock formation, with smaller rocks forming her eyes, nose, and mouth. The facial details of the central figure are created by several small white figures: the arms of a man on horseback form her lips, and his head forms her nose. A small standing figure to the left forms the edge of her face, while the reclining figures in the background form her eyes and eyebrows.

The figure on the left dissolves into the landscape; she has no torso, only arms and hands. Her head – tilted down – is formed by a small boulder. The image contains an additional illusion of a skull, while at the same time holding aloft the thread of life as though it were measured and about to be cut. Through the ambiguity that he has created, Dali suggests that the landscape is animated by a divine force that shapes human destiny.

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