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Sunscreen Film Festival – International Short Films – ALL DAY

Saturday, May 03, 10am–5pm
  • This event has passed.

The Dali Museum is proud to host the Sunscreen Film Festival for a full Saturday of international short films.
About Sunscreen: The Sunscreen Film Festival is organized and presented by the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Film Society Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to education, economic development, informing the public about the art of visual storytelling, enhancing opportunities for local filmmakers to develop their craft and art, and increasing the public’s awareness and support of local filmmaking as a cultural and economic asset.
Sunscreen is one of only 23 film fests nationwide in 2013 to be sponsored and acknowledged by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Cost: Free with gallery admission; free to Dali Members, Sunscreen Passholders and with Sunscreen movie tickets. Tickets for sale by going online or visiting the Sunscreen table at the Dali on the day of event. Visit for more info.
Film Schedule:
International Short Block #1
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
(89 min.)
Into The Silent Sea – Andrej Landin, Director (Short) 25 min.
Under desperate circumstances, and across vast distances, an intense connection is made.
Die Schaukel Des Sargmachers (The Swing of The Coffin Maker) – Elmar Imanov, Director (Short) 30 min. Azerbaijan.
Y. lives with his adult son M. in a small house in a desolate place. They lead a solitary life. M., mentally disabled and limited in his motor skills, assists his father with his work. Y. is a carpenter and earns his money especially with coffins, which he carpenters for Georgians and Russians. Whenever being confronted with the clumsiness of his son he often reacts indignantly-with beating. When M. is diagnosed with a deadly illness, the emotional numbing of the father slowly dissolves as he tries to make the last days of his son as enjoyable as possible-until S. delivers a surprising message.
Im Himmel Kotzt Man Nicht (No One Pukes In Heaven) – Katja Benrath, Florian Hirschmann, Daniela Sandhofer, Directors (Short) 14 min.
Mother and child in a difficult situation. Knowing that cancer will soon be tearing them apart, they try to make use of the remaining time. The initial strategy, to deal with the goodbye playfully and in a deliberately casual way, escalates inevitably. But anger and fear turn into an opportunity.
Moritz Und Der Waldschrat (Moritz and the Woodwose) – Bryn Chainey, Director (Short) 20 min.
Struggling to cope with his sick brother, a boy makes a macabre bargain with a monstrous stranger.
International Short Block #2
11:45 AM – 1:15 PM
(81 min.)
Domoj (Home) – Simona Feldman, Director (Short) 9 min.
Juri is growing up under deprived circumstances in a small village in the former CCCP. When his father moves to Germany to earn money for his family he hast to come to grips with a life without a father.
Maria – Elmar Freels, Director (Short) 25 min.
Maria is eight years old. She’s growing up poor. When her violent stepfather is hospitalized after a heart attack and Maria’ s mother is unable to cope, the girl starts praying – although that’ s strange even to herself. A Marian apparition brings her an ally, or is it just a delusion?
Ramon – Benedikt Schatz, Director (Short) 15 min.
With all hope lost Ramon first must battle his inner demons before he can face his opponent in the boxing ring. Ramon, a very skilled boxer, finds his first big match to be the chance to start a new life with his sister Isabelle. However, the manager of the boxing studio has other plans and attempts to drive Ramon into a corner.
Rotkappachen (Little Red Riding Hood) – Florian V. Bornstadt, Martin Czaja, Directors (Short) 17 min.
When Markus realized a filthy girl in front of his house and took it into his flat, his women annika quickly realized something must be wrong with her. She does not feel comfortable with the imagination to have her in the flat for the night and she was right. The girl knows details about the couple she could not and should not know and starts an unnatural mind game, which goes far beyond rationality and should finally end up bloody.
Schwarzatmen (Breathe Dodging) – Marcus Hanisch, Director (Short) 15 min.
In a futuristic totalitarian state in which all the people are cooped up under a glass dome, a man searches for the apparent truth about the outside world and thus fulfills his destiny.
International Film Block #3
1:45 PM – 3:00 PM
(75 min.)
Up And Down The Horizon – Sabrina Sarabi, Director (Short) 15 min.
A story about the ups and downs in a relationship of a young couple and jealousy that longs for everything and owns nothing.
Weisse Nacht (White Night) – Sabrina Sarabi, Director (Short) 21 min.
A young couple gets themselves into a role play for the course of a night.
Soul – Andrea Marcovicchio, Director (Short) 11 min.
‘Soul’ is about the relationship between the human being and his own passions and relished the obligations and duties.
The protagonist of ‘soul’ finds himself having to choose between his passion and his daily duties.
Dove On The Roof – Olga Korotko, Director (Short) 28 min.
This is a story about a boy who is going through a divorce of his parents.
International Film Block #4
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
(62 min.)
Le Train Bleu – Stephanie Assimacopoulo, Director (Short) 18 min.
Paris – Gare De Lyon. Helie behaves as a true bounder, Selena, evermore in love, still wants to pick up the pieces. At the bar of ‘Le Train Bleu’, where they stop to have a last drink, neither one cannot imagine what will happen …
Folie a Deux (Madness for Two) – Ernie Mostellar, Director (Short) 5 min.
Awkward silence equals awkward thoughts. In Folie a Deux you’ll find yourself wondering…who’s the crazy one? Audience included.
Sweet Sea Breeze – Thomas Hessmann, Stefan Siebert, Directors (Short) 19 min.
Sweet Sea Breeze tells the story of the old, grumpy seaman Fritz and rebellious young Lars. Two pigheaded fellows who unwittingly find themselves in the same boat.
White Buttons – Florian Anders, Director (Short) 20 min.
A wealthy business man’s lover has been abducted, but instead of the expected ransom demands he receives a number of video clips depicting the torture of his young girlfriend. The police are quick to come up with an initial suspect: Janis, the adulterers wife, is brought in for questioning. Is she more than a person of interest in this case? And can her testimony help save the victim in time?
Documentary Short Block #2
4:45 PM – 5:30 PM (43 min.)
Thirty Two – Ke Guo, Director (Short) 43 min.
‘Comfort women’ were women and girls forced into prostitution by the Japanese army during World War II. In THIRTY TWO we meet Mrs Wei Shaolan – then a 24 year old girl from China’s Guilin province. Now aged 92, she tells of her ordeal at the hands of rapists, and of the bitter decision she was forced to make in 1945.

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